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Custom T Shirt Printing Singapore for Events

Custom t shirts are a great way to create a sense of identity and unity – be it for a class, a team, to bring awareness to a social cause or to create some hype for events!

A simple t shirt can be customised to be truly unique. A well thought out and designed artwork or logo, combined with high quality prints or embroideries on a good quality cotton or polyester t shirt, can result in a well-loved and unique custom t shirt.

Co-branding is a great way to increase the perceived value of the wearer and the organisation or event that the wearer is representing. For example, wearing an Under Armour running tee with the organisation or event logo printed on it. The high quality of the Under Armour brand reflects well upon the wearer and makes him/her look smart. The positive notions of the Under Armour brand is associated with the positive notions of the organisation/event the wearer is representing, and vice versa!

Many custom t shirt printing companies in Singapore do not just offer non-branded apparel in their range of products. It is very common now that customers are choosing to customise branded apparel for their team to wear during sporting and corporate events, such as Under Armour and adidas running tees.

There are many degrees to which customers can customise a t shirt for a wider variety of events. A customer can choose the option of fully dyeing a t shirt from scratch (referred to as Sublimation Printing), so that an overall pattern, logos or gradient colour can be dyed into the entire t shirt.

The more common and cost friendly option is to opt for Silkscreen Printing on the t shirts – for example, a 1 colour A4 size print on the front chest and a 2 colour A4 size print on the back. A combination of silkscreen prints and embroidery is also common, such as a left chest embroidery of the event logo and a silkscreen print of the event tag line on the back.

Customers have plenty of options! Small details can contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic quality of custom t shirts and polo tees. Details such as pipings and trimmings, variations of placket designs and fabric panels of the tees. At Ark Industries, our designers can offer options for our customers to choose from.

Ready stock t shirts are not limited to plain round neck tees. There are raglan sleeve t shirts, ¾ sleeve t shirts, ringer t shirts, v-neck t shirts and t shirts of various fabric types.

Branded t shirts from Under Armour Singapore and adidas Singapore are part of different series, which change from season to season. The range of t shirts and apparel items from brand houses that are available for custom t shirt printing provide new and refreshing options for customers.

Besides the apparel itself, custom t shirt printing and embroidery techniques can further enhance the visual appeal of customers’ custom t shirts for various events. For the silkscreen printing technique, colours are not limited to plain solid colours! Customers can consider using metallic silkscreen inks or bright neon colours for their prints. For heat transfer vinyls which are pressed onto the t shirts, customers can also choose from solid colours and metallic vinyls!

Similarly, for embroideries of logos and text, customers can choose from a wide variety of colours. Our embroidery digitiser will convert a flat image into embroidery with different textures.

The possibilities are endless. Contact us via our form below or give us a call at +6563520988 for more details on how we can customise great looking t shirts for your events!


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