Embroidery Services Singapore

Ark Industries is a local company founded in 2005. Our embroidery is done by our production team in Singapore, and carefully supervised by an experienced team of designers, digitalizers and quality control managers. This means that you enjoy the highest quality at quick turnaround time.

We are also constantly innovating and experimenting with new embroidery techniques. We take pride as being one of the forefronters in quality and innovation in embroidery. We use highly specialised embroidery machines from renowned makers in Japan, Barudan and Tajima. For threads, we use high quality thread from international supplier, Madeira, thus ensuring that the colours of the embroidery will remain vibrant even after multiple washes.

Embroidery of logos on apparel creates a higher perceived value of both the apparel and the brand that it represents. It is lasting, durable, and creates the right kind of impression for your company/ team. 

Want to customise apparel for your team or company but not sure what to do?

1. Types of Embroidery
Get yourself acquainted with the various types of embroidery available in the market, and select the one that looks most suitable for you. If you are not sure, please contact our friendly embroidery specialists.

2. Embroidery Process
What exactly is embroidery and what is the process like? Look through this quick guide to understand more.

3. Why Choose Ark for Embroidery Service?
Choosing the right vendor can be half the job done, as you save yourself a lot of time, energy and headache and simply let the professionals do their job. Choose Ark for a hassle free and delightful experience.

4. Samples of Past Works
Check out our past works for some inspiration!


Our experienced production team at Ark Industries has developed a keen eye for details and a wealth of knowledge to provide the best embroidery service for our customers.

Choose to embroider on various positions of the apparel, such as the left chest, right sleeve, collar or the upper back of a polo tee.


We love how prominent any artwork, text or logo can look when embroidered on the front of a cap! Embroidery is not limited to the front of a cap but can also be done on the sides and back of a cap.

Our production team is well-versed in creating embroideries on caps and has the know-how in getting the best visual results for our customers.

Choose to embroider on the front, sides and back of a cap.