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Authentic Under Armour Apparels in Singapore

Under Amour Makes you better. How does Under Amour makes you better? As one of the corporate distributors of Under Armour Singapore apparel, we believe in the technology that Under Armour offers to empower athletes everywhere.

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Most Under Armour Singapore gear offers 3 key fabric properties. The first property is moisture wicking. This means that after you sweat, the fabric will enable the sweat to evaporate faster, hence keeping the athlete clean and dry. Polyester is commonly employed as it does not absorb sweat unlike cotton, which will absorb sweat and become damp and heavy.

The second property is anti-odour. With Athleisure on the rise, it is common for athletes to wear their activewear everywhere. For example, you can wear your golf polo to lunch before going for your golf session. Pethaps you can go for a golf game before going for dinner with your friends. With odour control properties, you will not smell bad and may not even need to change in between appointments. For some of us, we could choose to include light exercises into our daily routine, such as climbing the stairs, walking or cycling. It is important to have clothes that keep us smelling fresh like what Under Armour Tees and Polo Tees does.

The third property will be anti-pill and anti-pick. Anti-pick means when we run our nails across the fabric, we will not cause any snag. Anti-pill means there will not be little balls of fabric accumulated on the surface despite the fabric being washed multiple times. This means that the fabric is more likely to be durable and have more wear in them.

Besides these key properties that authentic Under Armour Apparel has, Under Armour Singapore has also engineered different types of fabric for different sports. For example, UA Breathelux Pairing boasts super soft and structured fabrics for the most amazing lock in fit. This is suitable for HIIT and dance. This is achieved through a blend of Polyester and Elastane in the right percentage to achieve the right amount of snug for the sport. UA Vanish dries faster and help you to stay lighter, which is suitable for Yoga, Barre and Pilates. UA HeatGear Armour has compression fit, which is suitable for weight training and agility. UA Be Relaxed uses Ultra-light performance cotton which feels lightweight, not lazy. The latest offering is the Recovery Sleepwear powered by Celliant, which is technology that helps astronauts to sleep and rest well in space. Under Armour Singapore believes that when athletes wear Celliant during rest and recovery, they will be able to perform better during sports.

Image Credit: https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/athlete-recovery

Fake Under Armour apparel can be found in online spaces and in some marketplaces. They can look and feel similar to authentic Under Armour, but they will not have the same technical properties as authentic Under Armour. To experience what Under Armour Singapore apparel can do for you, do visit the official physical and online stores, or get your corporate uniforms from a corporate distributor like Ark Industries.

At Ark Industries, besides offering Under Armour designs suitable for corporates, we also perform customization services such as embroidery of logos and company names on the Under Armour clothing. Commonly requested for apparel include Under Amour Polo Tee, Under Armour Running Tees, and even Under Armour shorts. Be it a uniform or a team outfit for a marathon, speak to us today to get authentic Under Armour Singapore gear at reasonable pricing.


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