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Custom Tshirt Printing Methods in Singapore

Need to get customised tee shirts made? Here at Ark Industries, we offer many custom t shirt printing options for our customers. You can choose to print on plain tee shirts, adidas polo tees or Under Armour running tees.

If you already have the artwork, logo or text that you want to get printed on the t shirts, the next step would be to choose the most suitable custom t shirt printing method for your order.

Heat Transfer T Shirt Printing
A 1 colour artwork/logo or text can be printed on t shirts using either the heat transfer vinyl method or the silkscreen printing method. Heat transfer vinyl method for custom t shirts allows you to choose from a wide range of vinyl colours. Our plotting machine will plot out the artwork or text and it will be ready to be heat pressed onto t shirts of your choice. Special effect vinyls such as perforated, reflective and neon colours are available.

Heat transfer vinyl method is great for sport teams! You can choose for your t shirts to be printed each with individual names and numbers.

For logos or artwork with finer details such as gradient colours or complicated edges, cutting them out from single colour vinyl rolls would not be possible. An alternative heat transfer custom t shirt printing method is to print your logos and artwork on a white vinyl, before the plotting machine prints and cuts out an overall shape around the logo.

Silkscreen Printing
A 1 colour artwork or text can also be printed via the silkscreen printing method. However, unlike the heat transfer vinyl method, silkscreen printing method is not cost effective for individual names and numbers to be printed on t shirts. Silkscreen printing requires screens to be set up – 1 artwork uses 1 screen, 1 name uses 1 screen. The cost increases with every screen that is needed to be set up for the order.

The custom t shirt silkscreen printing method allows you to choose specific colours from the Pantone colour system. Special effects such as glow in the dark, metallic colours and “3D” effect can be achieved.

Sublimation Printing
Ever seen a tee that has a pattern printed all over it? That would most likely been printed via the Sublimation printing method. Ink is heat pressed unto the fabrics and the fabrics are then sewn up into t shirts. This results in a long lasting print and you will not feel any layers of print on the t shirt.

Combinations of t shirt printing methods
Occasionally we have t shirt printing jobs that require a combination of printing methods. For example, a combination of silkscreen and heat transfer t shirt printing method. Silkscreen print of a team logo, with heat transfer prints of individual names and numbers. This is one option which can be considered, if required. Our Sales Managers will recommend the suitable t shirt printing methods for your orders.

Printing on adidas and Under Armour t-shirts
Customisation of t shirts may not be limited to lesser known or non-branded t shirts. Ark Industries offers authentic adidas and Under Armour t shirts and polo tees in Singapore , which can be customised with prints or embroideries.

We are more than happy to provide assistance in creating good looking and functional t shirts for you and your teams or colleagues. Let us know your requirements and our Sales Managers will get in touch with you.

Send us a message via the form below or call us at +65 6352 0988.


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