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Your favorite brands are making cool face masks

Like it or not, fabric masks are here to stay—as a necessary fashion item like a snapback cap. Since the first few months of the Covid pandemic, big brands that we love are making stylish face mask designs. Brands such as Burberry and Under Armour started by producing PPE for the front liners then after a few months, started selling their own non-medical grade face mask designs for the public. And now almost all fashion and apparel brands are joining in the fabric mask market. 

Here are some notable fabric masks that well-known brands are selling at the moment. 

Burberry Mask 

With their signature beige vintage check design, British brand, Burberry was one of the first luxury brand to sell their own fabric mask. Their stylish face mask designs are anti-microbial and 20% of the proceed goes to their own Covid-19 fund. 

Can we buy the Burberry Mask in Singapore? 

At the moment, it can be only bought online. 

Off-White Mask 

Their one-size-fits-all cotton face mask designs with their iconic arrows were a hit on the first few days of release. It currently comes in a lot of different printed mask designs such as the stripe and the quote motifs. 

Can we buy the Off-white mask in Singapore? 

Yes through local resellers and also online. But do be careful of counterfeit masks.

Adidas Mask 

The Adidas Mask which is currently sold out from the online store is a hit and selling out fast from the day of the release. The stylish face mask design comes in Black and blue colour with a  “Wash.Dry.Reuse.” Print in the inner side. 

Can we buy the adidas face mask in Singapore? 

Yes. Right now, it is exclusively available for members of the Adidas creators club. Joining is free via the adidas mobile app. 

Uniqlo Airism Face Mask

The Uniqlo face mask design comes in two colours, black and white and in three different sizes. Early reviews say that it really is breathable. This can be a face mask corporate gift

Can we buy the Uniqlo Airism face mask in Singapore? 

Yes, through online and Uniqlo retail stores. 

Under Armour Sportsmask 

Among the list, the Under Armour Sportsmask is really a different kind of a cool face mask design as it really is for athletic performance and has a better airflow. It currently comes in black, grey, navy and red. 

Can you buy the Under Armour Sportsmask in Singapore? 

Yes, through online (which is currently out of stock) or authorized distributors such as Ark Industries where you can get the Under Armour Sportsmask customised with your team logo, company logo or name. Click here to find out more if you are interested to have it as a face mask corporate gift.

Almost every fashion brand is selling masks right now. A huge portion are just mass-produced basic face mask design with their logos fashionably printed on it. So it is a good idea to know the common mistakes on face mask designs. Even though it’s not really medical grade, fabric masks are more than half a percent effective than the usual disposable surgical mask which is not bad. Our reasons for wearing masks could be purely aesthetic but we shouldn’t sacrifice other factors such as comfort, reusability & sustainability (not to mention safety & protection of course). 

Mask production is not just done by the big international brands though. Local companies in Singapore also started making and selling their own cool face mask. Brands such as CYC, 1929 Mask and the batik-printed Baju mask are selling well. Not to mention our C+ Fabric Mask which is uniquely customised in house at Ark Industries and is a perfect face mask corporate gift


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