C+ Fabric Mask

  • inner pocket for optional filter

• High quality woven cotton that filters fine particles yet breathable and gentle on the skin.
• Adjustable nose bridge and ear loops for extra comfort.
• The outer layer is coated with anti-microbial that is self cleaning and lasts for 90 days.
• Inner pocket for optional filter for additional protection.
➡️ Personalise your mask and make it unique with embroidery or print.

S/M, M/L or L/XL (Size Guide)

• Navy or Black
• If you wish to have it in other colours, do contact us to enquire about our full customised orders.

Each pack contains:
• 1 piece C+ Fabric Mask
• 1 piece PM 2.5 Filter

This is not a medical grade mask, and has not been tested or certified.
Made in Singapore 🇸🇬

Masks Customisation & Branding

The C+ Fabric Masks can be customised to suit your company or teams.
Customise the masks with your brand logos and colours!

Choose to Embroider or Print:
(Max size 60mm x 30mm / 40mm x 30mm)
  • Your Logo
  • Your Name
  • Both Your Logo & Your Name

Fabric Colours:
1) Black
2) Navy Blue
* For more colours, please contact us.

Personalise each C+ Fabric Mask pack with the name of the recipient on the back.

Print individual names and a message on a card to insert into the slot at the back of the zip bag.

Each pack contains 1 piece C+ Fabric Mask & 1 piece PM 2.5 Filter.


  • Adjust the ear loops for a comfortable, snug fit.
  • To prevent fogging:
    If possible, place your spectacles over the mask on the nose bridge.


  • Hand wash the mask to prolong the lifespan
  • Wash the mask with water before your first use.
  • Hang to dry 
  • After wearing the mask, remember to remove the filter before washing the mask.
  • After multiple washes, colours may fade over time.


Please send us your requirements below and our Sales Managers will provide a quote.

Price depends on the quantity and customisations (if any).

There is no minimum order quantity. If you order in bulk, there will be corporate discount available for 20 pieces and above.

Currently, our stocks come in black and navy. If you wish to have it in other colours, do contact us to enquire about our full customised orders.

Depending on quantity and fabric availability, production lead time will be between 7 to 10 working days. Please contact our Sales Manager for more details.

C+ mask is not a medical grade mask. It has not been tested or certified. Studies have shown that tightly weave cotton is effective in preventing particles from passing through gaps in the fibers. The material that we used for C+ are premium quality cotton with tight-weaving. For additional protection, users can insert a filter of their choice between the fabric layers.

No. It is not a guaranteed protection against Covid 19. The C+ Fabric mask is useful in providing basic protection.

Users will still need to practise good hygiene, social distancing and observe health advisory given by authorities.

You can re-coat the mask with the anti-microbial spray. If you do not wish to re-coat it, the fabric mask is still reusable as it is a triple layer fabric mask with optional pocket for filters.

The PM 2.5 filter is made of non-woven, activated charcoal material.  It offers 5-layer of protection against haze, dust and other small particle. 

Yes. Our filters comes in pack of 5s. Please contact our Sales Manager for quote.

It is recommended to replace the filter once a week or when the filter starts to get oily, sticky or dirty.

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