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Top 10 Unique Custom T Shirts Jobs In the Work

All of us own T-Shirts, what prompted us to buy the T-Shirts that we own? Sometimes, we own custom T shirts, for example Class Tee-Shirts, or Tee-Shirts given by our companies for corporate events. Sometimes, we buy certain Tee-shirt because the message is appealing to us. If you are thinking of printing your very own custom t-shirts with a tshirt printing Singapore company, we have listed some unique custom t-shirts for you to get some inspiration. Let’s move on!

Interesting Technology of Custom T shirts

unique custom T shirt

Lo and Behold, the Chalk board tee! Fancy telling the world a message? Feel free to customise your own message on your tee! The Chalk Board Tee even comes with a set of coloured chalks for you to set your creativity on fire. Wash your Tee and you are ready to write a new message.

This fun concept makes a nice gift for your friends and kids. Want to take it up a notch? Design your very own chalkboard area and background and custom make your own chalkboard tees!

Credits: http://www.thechalkboardtee.com/chalkboard-t-shirts/

Optical Illusion

creative custom T shirts for FedEx

Creative FedEX Tee

Credits: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/179721841349917771/?lp=true

Talk about a simple but eye catching design! This guy looks like he is holding a FedEx parcel on his side, but it is actually just a print on the shirt. This is visually interesting and eye-catching, certainly a different way of marketing!

one example of funny custom T-shirts

Credits: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mens-Fashion-Funny-Cotton-Big-Hand-Grab-Waist-Print-Short-Sleeve-T-Shirt-Tops-/263730520588

Some clothes aim to provide a slimmer silhouette by making the side panels of a garment black, or have cuts in for a more flattering shape. The tee-shirt literally just helps to squeeze the waist and makes it looks smaller. What other optical illusions can you think of?

Smart Concepts

v neck t shirts

Credits: http://www.adeevee.com/2009/05/roland-semprie-personal-trainer-t-shirt-design/

Designed by an advertising company for a personal trainer, this tee shirt allows both trainer and trainee to see how hard they’ve trained by the amount they’ve sweat! This is such a smart and functional idea and we are truly impressed. Indeed a custom made print that combines both function and ideology perfectly. Present this idea to the design team of tshirt printing Singapore companies, to come up with a design with a similar concept!

class t shirts

Credits: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/152489137361900523/

Look at this from the front, and you will see a duck. (Focus on the rabbit’s ears, those are the beak). Tilt your head and you will see a rabbit. (Focus on the beak, which is the rabbit’s ears). This first of such duck-rabbit design originally appeared in a German humour magazine in 1892. Till date, this is still interesting and relevant. Custom make this design on any apparel, wear this to an events and get the ice-breaking started!

Funny Concepts

custom T-shirts

Credits: https://www.spreadshirt.ca/thinking+loading+bar+please+be+patient+women-s+t-shirt-D12795370 

Custom T shirts with messages that makes us guffaw is always popular, either for a casual outing or for a friend as a gift. Feeling a bit tired and sleepy? Need more time than usual? Wear this Thinking T-shirt and your friends will excuse your lag in reaction time.

branded t shirts

Credits: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Fashion-Men-s-T-Shirt-My-Job-Is-Top-Secret-Even-I-Don-t-Know/32791506605.html

Need people to stop asking you about your job? Frustrated with work? Or simply trying to be funny? This shirt is so charming and funny that when I posted this on Instagram, my friends asked me to get them one as well! Custom make your own design with this cute slogan, it is bound to be a hit!

Visually Impactful

dri fit t shirts

Credits: https://www.amazon.com/Womens-Graphic-Sublimation-Shirt-Mermaid/dp/B01HMQAPU4

Sublimation tee shirt allows you to create any design, and it is especially useful for designs that covers from edge to edge to create a visually impactful design! We find this mermaid scale print very adorable and suitable for both kids and young ladies. Fancy dressing like NEMO or looking like a zebra? You can custom create your own sublimation prints for all festivals like Halloween, Christmas and New Year!

plain t shirts

Credits: http://los40.com.co/los40/2015/09/23/album/1443034207_237037.html#1443034207_237037_1443034380

This is a picture of a boat sailing across the river, causing ripples in the river. Visually interested and something different from the usual striped tee-shirt, choose to wear this for a fishing trip or on a yacht. Create your own custom print, how about frogs leaping across the pond or swans floating on the lake?

funny t shirts graphic design

Credits: http://mozquitoo.blogspot.com/2011/10/12-funny-t-shirt-graphic-designs.html

You’ve better be good or you will be handcuffed! Shock others behind you by misleading them into thinking that you are a BAD BAD criminal.

Getting your very own custom T shirts with your very own interesting design can be a very fun and rewarding experience! You can do it for yourself, for your team and even as a gift. Besides normal Tee-shirts, you can also consider doing a custom print on Under Armour Singapore or Adidas Singapore Apparel: good quality fabric will help your design to look better and last longer!

If you have an idea of what you want to achieve with a tshirt printing Singapore company, but not sure how to get there yet, do contact us at +65 63520988 or send us a message below for a discussion!


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