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The Difference between Adidas Singapore Distributor and Adidas Retail Store

For the unaware consumer, you might be wondering what an adidas distributor in Singapore means. What is the difference between buying from an adidas Retail Store and buying from an adidas Singapore Distributor? Are the apparel sold from the Distributor real?

For retail adidas, they usually stock a wide variety of designs in low quantities. Each adidas store Singapore could possibly stock a small number of each design in a variety of sizes, like some S, some M, some L and some XL. Imagine you are a company looking to purchase 50-100 pieces of adidas for an event. If you would like to purchase the same design for all 50- 100 pieces, chances are you have to get the stock from all the adidas retail stores and might still be unable to get 50-100 pieces of the same design in the sizes that you want, as the stores stock relatively low quantities of the same design.

Adidas Distributor means that we are authorised by adidas to sell authentic adidas apparel. This means that we have a working partnership with adidas and we will stock adidas apparels. Every season, we will work with adidas to select the types of designs that we want to purchase and keep stock for our customers. The adidas designs that we select for our corporate range are usually evergreen and classic as compared to very seasonal look for Retail Range. For example, adidas jerseys will come in Black, White or Royal blue and adidas training tees in Blue or Green. Seasonal Range for Retail adidas could come in colours like oranges, yellows and pinks. Currently, in Singapore, as one of the selected authorised adidas corporate distributors in Singapore, and we will have exclusive to certain adidas designs, meaning we are the only adidas distributor in Singapore having the design.

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Being an adidas corporate distributor means that we hold high quantity of stock per design. Even if you need hundreds of shirts for an event, we will have sufficient stock. Our designs are specially selected based on our past experience on the types of designs that will appeal to corporates. Unlike the Retail Range, which can be very eye catching, the corporate range is usually understated, classic and perfect as the canvas to showcase your company logo and messages. Having too eye catching details on an apparel will detract attention away from the message that your company is trying to send when designing a corporate tee/uniform.

As a corporate distributor for adidas Singapore, besides selling adidas Polo Tees, adidas training tees, adidas jersey, adidas cap and other adidas gear like socks, shoe-bags and shorts, we also provide customization service. This means that we are able to embroider your company logo or team logo to the adidas Polo Tee Singapore, or print your company’s design on the adidas Running Tee. Before printing on an actual apparel, our designers and production specialist and advice you on the design and will check if the design is suitable for printing/embroidery. Our designers will then do a layout to show you how the final product will look. Only upon your approval will we start to add the customization to the adidas Polo Tee/ adidas Training Tee.

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As one of the best printing and embroidery companies in Singapore, you can be assured that the printing and custom embroidery services that we provide will not disappoint.

Finally, what about the price? When you purchase in bulk from us as a corporate customer, the pricing that you get inclusive of customization will be comparable or cheaper than a retail range without customization, as we do offer discounts for bulk purchase.

Do contact us Ark Industries adidas Singapore at +65 63520988 or send us a message below to find out more about our adidas products


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