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Tips On Preparing Your Artwork For Custom T Shirts Printing

Need to get some custom t shirts made for your team? Consider printing on Under Armour Singapore Running Tees or adidas Polo Tees in Singapore. Get your artwork “custom-ready” by following these tips:

1. Vectorise your artwork

Got a great idea for a logo for your custom t shirts? Awesome! Keep in mind to draw it out with clean, thick lines and if you do not have a graphic design software to trace it out, we can do it for you at a fee. Clean and thick linework allows the design to be digitised well for embroidery and printing on apparel such as t shirts.

A vectorised file format should be either Adobe Illustrator, PDF, EPS or SVG. The files should contain editable paths or shapes. These file formats allow us to open your artwork and scale it without compromising the quality.

For fonts, please make sure the text is outlined in Adobe Illustrator to avoid undesired fonts to be automatically swapped in when we open your file on our computers.

If you only have a hand drawn artwork, our in-house designers can vectorise them and get them print ready for custom t-shirt printing. Whether it is printed on Under Armour Singapore Running Tees or Adidas Singapore Polo tees, a well-made vector file will guarantee good results.

2. Select your colours

How many colours can you select for your custom tshirts? Typically, logos and artwork contain 1-5 colours. Depending on the print type used, the cost differs.

Say you have an artwork with gradient colours and your quantity required is 5pcs. We will recommend Heat Press Printing for you. If your artwork has gradient colours, your quantity is 30pcs and is working within a certain budget, we may recommend converting your artwork to 1 or 2 solid colours instead.

If your artwork uses solid colors, you may also choose from our range of Vinyl Colours for Heat Press Printing. Vinyl colours are a set of standard reds, blues, greens, yellows etc. Some customers will have to choose the closest shade of colour to their required corporate Pantone colours.

There are many differing scenarios and we will evaluate and provide you with our best recommendations for your consideration. We will provide a best recommendation for your prints and provide the best quote whether you are looking to print on Under Armour Singapore Running Tees, adidas Polos or non-branded t shirts.

3. Resolution of Images/Photos

If you are looking to print full coloured photos or illustrations on your custom tshirts, please attempt to obtain the file with the highest resolution of the images. We do not recommend over stretching the image to avoid pixilation.

4. List of Names and Numbers

If you are looking to make custom tshirts for your team (complete with individual names and numbers), a clear and neat table of names with the respective size and number will help to speed up the process of file preparation for custom t shirt printing. Points to note include lower and upper cases, special symbols and spacing. Please state these very clearly to avoid any errors.

5. Copyrighted Images or Symbols

We are not able to print copyrighted material such as Pokémon or Disney characters on t shirts or branded apparel, unless an official license can be sent to us as proof.

6. Special Effects

Artwork with fine details, shadows, fading edges and varying opacities may need to be edited or removed in order to be printed on your custom tshirts (depending on the print method).

Like to get some custom t shirts printed? Send us a message below or call us at +65 6352 0988 for more information.


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