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5 Unique Embroidery Design On Shirts

Some of you might ask, “What is embroidery?” Well, embroidery is an ancient form of needle work that has been used worldwide to establish textiles for decorative and communicative purposes. In terms of the form and aesthetics of it, embroidery may add colour, texture, richness, and dimension to apparel design. In some cultures, the embroidery on clothing may reveal the wearer’s wealth, social status, enthic identity, or even their systems of beliefs. Typically, embroidery is executed in threads on cotton, wool, silk, or even linen. It also can be incorporated with other materials such as beads, quills, metal, shells, or feathers.

Nowadays, embroidery is becoming a fashion statement amongst teenagers and young adults. Having an embroidery of text or a logo on tshirts is a popular design that you can spot across many fashion stores. Typically, the position of the embroidery on the tshirts could be on the front chest center, left or right chest, sleeves or upper back. You should choose embroidery over printing for custom tshirts as it is not only popular & well-received, but also very durable.

Embroidery can create logos on a wide variety of apparel items, such as a polo shirt, caps or jackets. Embroidery on the garments are long lasting and durable. At Ark Industries, we use Madeira thread, a German brand of embroidery thread that has good colour fastness. Color does not fade, even after many washes! Many companies or organisations that make uniforms for their employees, choose to embroider their logos and text due to embroidery’s durability.

In some instances, embroidery may cost more than traditional printing. However, the longevity of embroidery makes it cost effective. Sometimes, we will recommend printing over embroidery due to the complexity or size of the logo or artwork. Our Sales Managers will take your artwork or logo into consideration and recommend some embellishment methods to you. For embroidery’s best results, avoid heavy gradients and a high use of complicated colour palettes. 

Here are some photos showing examples of embroidery on a jacket, cap and polo shirt:

Though the above examples are embroideries of corporate and club logos, we are also able to embroider artwork designs such as these:

5 examples of unique embroidery designs

1. Mini Fish Pond Design

How pretty is this Mini Fish Pond design that you can have embroidered on your favorite shirts? Whilst this photo shows hand embroidery, we are able to embroider a similar design using our embroidery machines. 

While designing your embroidery design, do take note that the maximum number of colors in your embroidery design should be 9. We are able to load a maximum of 9 thread cones on each embroidery machine’s head.

2. Embroidered Bouquet Design

With a combination of satin stitch, back stitch, fishbone stitch, and french knots, you can embroider this pretty Embroidered Bouquet by hand, on your favorite shirts. This design would be a very good embroidery design for a tshirt to be used for a Mother’s Day present.

If you are considering making multiple tshirts with a similar design, please keep in mind that while we can take reference of the design, we are not able to embroider this exact design using our embroidery machines. The stitches will not be so varied as this is due to the limitations of our machines.

3. Flower Wreath with Text Design

This design of text within a circle of flowers looks sweet and pretty. With a combination of outlines and fills, embroidery designs can look interesting and elegant.

The circle element may not be limited to only flowers. Perhaps your design can be a brush stroke making up a circle, with calligraphy text style within it! Depending on the subject matter, this style can be versatile as different graphic elements can be applied into the design.

While designing the artwork for embroidery, please avoid gradient colours and intricate details. We are unable to reproduce the gradient effect using embroidery. The smaller the overall size of the embroidery, the harder it is to produce very small details in the embroidery.

4. Beeline Design

Our embroidery machines can create a bee line like this. Even with a simple flowing line like this, it adds a sense of motion and life to your design. A simple dashed line can add texture to the tshirt and make the tshirt design very special. Even a simple tone-on-tone dashed line, for example a white dashed line on a white tshirt, could make a tshirt more interesting.

5. Silhouettes Design

The silhouettes design above is a minimalist design that is produced using simple straight stitches of only 1 color. Using different angles of lines and negative space, this design looks visually interesting.

Simple embroidery designs on shirts can be very beautiful. At Ark Industries, we have a selection of tshirts and a range of tshirt colors for you to choose from. An option is our bestseller range, the Gildan Premium Cotton tshirt which is available in Men’s, Women’s and Youth cuttings. Alternatively, you can choose polyester tshirts from brands such as adidas, Under Armour or Crossrunner. 

If you require our Design Team to create a custom artwork for you, we are able to do so. Let us know your requirements and we can produce an artwork for you.

Here’s a tip to save cost! If you want to embroider text, choose a font from our Font Set as it would mean there will be no digitising fee! We have many font styles available for you to choose from. A typical digitising fee costs between $60-$80 per embroidery. Digitising refers to converting your text or artwork into a format that our embroidery machines can read to execute the stitches.

Typically, the best t-shirt printing in Singapore companies offer both embroidery and printing options on shirts. Here at Ark Industries, you can engage us to get your own custom embroidery designs done on branded apparel items such as tshirts, polo shirts, caps and jackets. For personal use, you can get a custom t-shirt made as a gift to your loved one, colleague or team mate to show your love or appreciation towards them. For corporate use, you can embroider a logo or event titles on adidas or Under Armour shirts. Contact us and we will share more details with you!


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