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Reliable And Affordable Embroidery In Singapore

If you were tasked to find an embroidery company in Singapore to make corporate polos for your company, where would you go to get a reliable and affordable embroidery service provider?

A quick search on Google will show tens of results for embroidery services in Singapore, but how would you determine which is a reliable company to look for? We have a list of guidelines that you can consider when looking for a reliable and affordable embroidery service provider in Singapore.

Is the embroidery done locally in house or passed to a third party agent to process?

If the embroidery is done locally in house by the company that you are liaising with, chances are the company is  more established and trustworthy, as opposed to a third party agent, who will need to pass the job to someone else, either locally or overseas. If there are any mistakes, amendments or last minute changes/ extra embroidery requirement etc., a company who has its own in house embroidery plant will be more likely to be able to accommodate the changes. Costs could also be more affordable as there are no third party/middleman fees as compared to when you are dealing with an agent.

Is there a designer/ design team in the company that you are working with?

Some designs may not look nice as an embroidery and some companies/team may not have the working files of the logos/ designs that is to be embroidered on the apparel. If there is a designer or design team in the company that you are working with, you can get their designer to help to make your art work embroidery friendly.  This will ensure that the embroidery will turn out nice as per your expectation.

How experienced is the company and the production specialists?

Embroidery is both an art and a science. An experienced production specialist will know how taut the embroidery should be for different types of fabric and how to position the embroidery on the fabric such that the embroidery does not cause the shirt to wrinkle. Similarly, an experienced embroidery sales personnel and designer will be able to advice if the logo/design is unsuitable for embroidery and how to make it better.

What the end to end process like from order confirmation to completed product?

Knowing what to expect and what is coming next will you updated and assured, so when choosing an embroidery services company in Singapore, it is important to find out what the ordering process is like. At Ark Industries, before production starts, there are a few important steps to go through. After the customer provides the design/logo, our designer will check that the design/logo is suitable for embroidery and make changes if required. Our designers will also do a visual mock up on how the embroidery will look on the apparel and confirm the placement of the embroidery. Next, our production specialists will do a mock up embroidery sample. Only after the embroidery sample is approved, will the production commence. By going through these steps, we provide assurance and reliability. The quality of the embroidery, the position of the embroidery are all agreed upon before embroidery commence to avoid any dissatisfaction.

Want to save yourself the hassle of choosing a reliable and affordable embroidery service company?

Just give us a call! Ark Industries is an established player in the local market with over 10 years of experience in embroidery and printing. We have our own local designers, our own local production team and a management team that takes prides in producing embroidery of the highest standard. With 6 Sigma quality processes and the experienced production technicians, you can leave the job to us safely.

Do contact us at +65 63520988 or send us an email via the form below for more information.


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