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Fast Turnaround Time for Custom Embroidery Services

What is the profile of customers whom require Custom Embroidery Services? At Ark, the most common types of customers that we encounter are companies who are purchasing polo tees and would like to embroider a logo on the left/right chest. We also help companies to embroider their logos on gym bags and caps.

There are individuals whom want us to quickly embroider their countries’ flag and their name on their luggage bag, golf bags or individualised names on aprons as a gift. Often, when individuals or corporates come to us, they have a tight timeline and they need their items ready quick.

At Ark, how do we achieve Fast Turnaround time for our custom embroidery services? This is what we do:

  1. In-house team of designers

At Ark, we have our in house team of designers. Once artwork is submitted to us, we will be able to quickly advice if the artwork will be able to translate nicely on apparel or bag. For example, if the artwork has very thin lines, it might not look good on embroidery, and we will advise you to make the lines thicker. By giving you quick and professional advice, we reduce time by eliminating un-necessary work later on in the form of re-dos.

  1. In-House Digitizers

At Ark, we have our in house digitizers who are able to translate your design to stitches. For example, there are various types of stitches and the stitches can run in all directions. Our experienced digitizer will be able to determine which stitches will look nice for your design and in which direction the stitches should flow. By not having to rely on external digitizers, we reduce time needed to work on your project, and any amendments can be done quickly.

  1. Embroidery Sample

Without an embroidery sample, our customer may not be happy with how the embroidery turn out. Perhaps our customer has a particular look in mind that he is aiming for. We avoid all these by providing customers with an embroidery sample before we commence on mass embroidery. In this way, customer is assured of the standard of embroidery that they will be receiving, and we also reduce the turnaround time as there will not be unnecessary time spent on reworking.

  1. In House Embroidery

At Ark, we have our own team of professional embroiderers in Singapore. By eliminating the need to send the apparel/goods overseas for embroidery, we are able to achieve fast turnaround time. Our Embroiderers, designers and sales specialists are all working together in the same building, and hence communication breakdown is minimised.

  1. Stringent QC

At Ark, we have stringent QC practices in place. Every batch of embroidery will need to be checked to ensure that the embroidery is up to Ark’s quality standard. By having our very own in house QC, we reduce turnaround time by rectifying any errors immediately before the issue reaches the customer.

  1. A very young and united team

At Ark, we are a team of young and united professionals with a strong, closely knit family culture and a desire to excel and impress. We want you to be extremely pleased with your products and we aim to deliver best quality, on time, every time!  We iron out processes and glitches during our weekly meetings and nothing will stop us from doing our best for our customers.

If you are looking for an excellent embroidery, even if you are short on time, Ark is your number 1 person to go to! Do contact us at +65 63520988 or send us a message below to discuss your needs with us.


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