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Custom T Shirt Printing for Singapore Corporate Companies

Why do people print on custom tshirt printing companies in Singapore

We already have a brief explanation about this in our previous article “How Tee shirt Printing can enhance corporate and marketing events in Singapore” which you can check out by clicking here. 

Now on to the next question, what kind of tee shirt printing do they do? 

Seems a like a no-brainer but what we mean by this is ‘what’ really are they printing? Or simply put, the reason behind this kinds of prints. 

  • Logos on white tees

The most essential way of displaying your brand on apparels. White, not just a symbol of purity but also it is how you show and maintain the original corporate colours like how it was intended to in the first place. Similar to printing it on a  white paper, it is a really good option when you want to introduce your brand to your target audience for the first time and show the brand’s “true colours” and letting them be visually familiar with your principal idea. 

Check out our white Adidas Polo tee and Under Armour Running Tee.

  • Logos on black tees

Why do some corporate companies prefer printing on black or dark tees? Well sometimes, it could just be an apparel preference like they don’t want something see-through or perhaps they want something sleek. Sometimes they just want something visually striking although any bright-coloured apparels can also be as expressive and striking depending on how it is planned out and designed and that is something Ark has the necessary industry experience.

Check out our black Adidas Polo tee and Under Armour Running Tee. 

  • QR Codes and Websites

There is definitely a decline on printing QR codes nowadays, since it’s so much easier to google search and go to a website without ever needing one. But what about website addresses? Should we neglect that too due to the same reason? Well, the answer is no, it is definitely still a must. The main reason for you to print the whole URL at the back of your customised tee shirt is not for them to memorise every dots, slashes and prefixes but to be aware and remind them that you have a website and you have an online presence. Remember, online presence is your digital street cred.

Same goes for social media icons, (careful on using that outdated skeuomorphic Instagram icon) it is a must have on customised tee shirt. Printing them in their actual colours are always the best instead of the monotone version and a bonus tip: as long as you name it right, you won’t need that lengthy FB address, just the Facebook icon is enough. Less is more. 

  • Names

Narcissistic reasons maybe? Definitely not. The main reason why people print their names on T shirts are simply for identification. Showing your name on a Adidas Polo tee or and Under Armour Running Tee for your event just shows that you are openly out there, approachable and is ready to help. 

  • Slogans & Hashtags

One of the most effective things that you can put in your customised tee shirt. Tastefully combined with a decent-sized logo, you are subtlety easing your message to your audience.  

So there you have it! Although this is not an absolute list, It really is still up to you on what to do for your tee shirt printing. You can print something abstract and make people ponder, you can print something controversial and make the conversation going or maybe just print something absurd just to get the attention. 

Here at Ark Industries, we are always open (for discussion that is), approachable and ready to help on this kind of matters. As progressive market leaders, we are thrilled to hear from you and excited to find better ways in solving your needs. 

If you need advice on how to make full use of the corporate tee shirt printing experience give us a call at +65 6352 0988 or email us at info@ark.sg and make an appointment for a fruitful and creative discussion! 


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