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How T shirt Printing Can Enhance Corporate and Marketing Events in Singapore

Every business looks for the best way to market their brand. With Facebook, Youtube and other social media as the most popular marketing platforms at the moment it seems that everything is conveniently online. 

But does that mean you don’t have to market offline? Obviously not. We are smart enough to know that not everything is online. Believe it or not, a simple flyer still converts a recipient into a sale, a bus station poster converts a non-believer to a loyal ambassador or a total stranger wearing an adidas polo tee with their brand on it into a lifetime business partner and a very close friend. 

Nothing beats real life interaction and what better place to have this kind of interactions but on corporate events. But how do we make good use of our time on these kinds of events? 

Simple! Through T shirt Printing services

For a reasonable price, you get something that broadcasts your brand and at the same time wear something stylish. So here are 5 great reasons on how T-shirt printing can enhance corporate and marketing events in Singapore. 

  1. It’s a conversation starter

Let’s say you’re strutting around the event with your t-shirt printing. People can easily strike you up for a conversation just by looking at your logo on that Under Armour polo tee. “Your logo seems familiar!”, “Oh you make apps”. Simply put it’s a good reason to initiate a chat or determine if you are the right person to meet. 

  1. It’s a moving Billboard 

If somebody saw your printed Under Armour Polo tee but has no idea on what you do, they can just easily google your brand for quick online creds before introducing themselves to you. And just by simply walking in or outside the event, you are exhibiting your brand for everyone to see and be familiar with. (And that’s a good reason why you need to have a good online prescence) 

  1. Make your T-shirts work for you 

People likes free stuff and that’s a no brainer. Something premium like a printed Adidas Polo tee or a durable Gildan t shirt would be something they would definitely keep and use unlike a notebook or a sticky pad that might just be stashed away for years and only a few people could see.

  1. A culture of team work

By giving your team something to represent to  and wear at the same time is a great chance to be engaged on team work, company culture and of course brand pride for the t-shirt printing

  1. Make use of the online platforms

By giving a specific influencer that is followed by your target audience that Adidas Polo Tee with their brand in it, they could give you a complimentary shout out from their channel giving your brand that extra bump that it needs. 

These are just a few good reasons to use t shirt printing for marketing your brand. By mindfully using the right kind of apparel with the right kind of strategic design, you can definitely maximize this often overlooked method of branding. 

As one of the market leaders of t-shirt printing companies in Singapore, here ar Ark Industries, we have over 15 years of experience in various types of custom t shirt printing on branded apparels such as the adidas polo t-shirts or under armour polo tee and we are able to advice on which type of t-shirt printing services is more suitable for your design. Making the right decision means time and money saved and great print work! For a fuss-free, excellent experience, please contact us at +65 63520988 or email us at 


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