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Top 10 Things To Know About T-shirt Printing in Singapore

Do you need to get some custom t-shirts printed for your team, group, colleagues, classmates or family? Here are some points that you should know when you go about getting the t-shirts made!

The 1st thing most of us would do is to go to Google and search for custom t-shirt printing companies in Singapore that received many good reviews! Most likely, we shortlist the t-shirt printing companies that are well-liked and get in touch with their Sales team to get a quick quote. It is no doubt important that the t-shirt printing companies you contact seem credible and trustworthy. However, here are the next 10 things you should know about T-shirt Printing Services in Singapore.

1. T-shirt Printing Method: Heat Press Printing
How do your artwork (text or graphics) get printed on the t-shirts? 1 method is through Heat Press Printing. Depending on the complexity of your artwork – such as the number of colours, the presence of fine details, the t-shirt printing company in Singapore may suggest either Vinyl Prints or Digital Prints for your t-shirt printing order.

What are Vinyl Prints?
Most t-shirt printing companies in Singapore have rolls of Vinyl in stock. Vinyl rolls come in many different solid colours. This Vinyl material can be cut to shape by a plotting machine and then heat pressed onto t-shirts. If you are looking to print solid colour text or logos and is looking at getting a small run of t-shirts printed, this t-shirt printing method is suitable for you.

What are Digital Prints?
Say you have an artwork that is filled with gradient colours, has many colours or many fine details. These characteristics of the artwork do not allow the plotting machine to cut from a Vinyl roll, the t-shirt printer in Singapore may recommend using Digital Prints instead. Digital Prints are also Vinyls, however, they are mostly white in colour. This allows a special printer to print your complex artwork on it and then cut out your artwork’s shape. Think inkjet printer but this special printer comes with a knife installed and can cut out custom shapes. The t-shirt printing company will then weed out the unnecessary Vinyl areas before transferring your artwork onto the t-shirts using the heat press.

2. T-shirt Printing Method: Silkscreen Printing
Another method your t-shirt printing company in Singapore might recommend is the Silkscreen Printing method. It is usually recommended for orders which are higher in quantity as it becomes very cost effective.

Silkscreen Printing allows you to be very specific about the shade of colour you like for your artwork. This is great for corporate companies or established brands where they need to print t-shirts using their corporate colours. Typically, most t-shirt printing companies in Singapore will use the Pantone Matching System to create the inks for Silkscreen Printing orders. For example, Company X’s corporate colours are Red (Pantone 199C) and Blue (Pantone 286C), the t-shirt printing company is able to create Silkscreen inks that are very similar to those Pantone codes.

3. T-shirt Printing Method: Sublimation Printing
If you are thinking of a fully customised t-shirt, such as prints that spread across from 1 side seam to the other, you are thinking of the method called Sublimation Printing. Only with Sublimation Printing you are able to do so. The fabrics are printed as 1 big piece before being given to the tailor to cut and sew into a tshirt. Sublimation Printing allows you to print an unlimited number of colours!

4. Artwork Files
If you are not familiar with creating graphics on the computer, your t-shirt printing company should be able to provide the service of creating the graphics for you. Good quality graphics translate into good prints.

5. Size Limitations
Your t-shirt company in Singapore should also recommend you the different print sizes that are suitable for different t-shirt sizes and for the various t-shirt printing methods as well. 

6. T-shirts Material
T-shirts come in various types and blends of materials. Cotton, polyester, spandex or a blend of cotton and polyester. Your t-shirt printing company in Singapore should have a range of t-shirts for your selection and should be able to explain the properties of the various composition of the t-shirt fabrics.

7. Branded Apparel
Besides t-shirts, you can consider printing or even embroidering on branded apparel! Some t-shirt printing companies in Singapore offer a range of well-known brands such as adidas, Under Armour and FJ. Embellishing on adidas polos or Under Armour polos will elevate your team’s image. They are also high quality polos which are well designed – both in function and in aesthetic quality.

8. T-shirt Printing Prices
Depending on the number of colours, your artwork sizes and the quantity of t-shirts that you are getting printed, the price of the t-shirt printing job will vary.

9. T-shirt Printing Turnaround Time
Another factor that may affect the cost of the t-shirt printing job is how urgent you need the t-shirts. A healthy turnaround time is about 5-7 working days. Anything less than that, might incur a fee.

10. Service Quality
A good t-shirt printing company in Singapore should provide top service quality. You should feel that you are well taken care of and that the t-shirt company has considered your requirements for your t-shirts with a high level of attention to detail.

Here at Ark Industries, we take every t-shirt printing order very seriously. We understand the importance of being attentive to details and know how to make quality t-shirt prints for our customers! Send us a message below to get in touch and we will be able to get your t-shirt printing order going.


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