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Things To Know about Ordering Custom T Shirts

It’s a new competition season and your team needs a new set of t shirts? Or your company is organizing an event and needs a bulk quantity of t shirts? How should you go about ordering these custom t shirts? Here are some tips to help you place your custom t shirts order successfully.

  1. “How much does each custom t shirt cost?”

This is the most common first question many customers ask us and understandably so! We want to help our customers get a value for money deal for their custom t shirts. The higher the quantity of t shirts, the better the bulk quantity discounts. Especially for our branded tees and polo tees, such as adidas polos and Under Armour running tees, there are different discount tiers for different quantities.

Your choice of artwork, logo or text to print on your custom t shirt affects the price of your order directly. Depending on the chosen print type – silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing or sublimation printing method – the prices vary accordingly. A 4-colour artwork print that is printed via the silkscreen printing method will cost differently from a 4-colour artwork print done via the heat transfer printing method. This leads to the next question…

  1. “What type of print should you choose for your custom t shirts?”

The answer lies greatly in the complexity of the artwork/logos and the quantity of your t shirt order. For artwork with solid colours and a quantity of 30 and above, we generally will recommend Silkscreen Prints for your order.

For artwork with solid colours but quantity is below 30 pieces, we will most likely recommend the Heat Transfer printing method for your custom t shirts printing order.

For artwork with lots of graphic elements, gradient colours and big prints, as well as a minimum order of 30-50 pieces, we will most likely recommend Sublimation Printing for your custom t shirts order. However, Sublimation Printing method is only for polyester t shirts, not cotton t shirts.

For some custom t shirts order, a combination of printing methods might be necessary.

  1. “How should I design my artwork to be printed on the custom t shirts?”

Engaging a professional graphic designer to create vector files for your artwork will be the most ideal! However, if you do not have a graphic designer on your team, we are able to help you out with that. Our in-house designers are able to create artwork or logos based on your requirements and create print-ready files for your custom tshirt order.

A rule of thumb is that we do not print copyrighted material and visuals such as popular cartoons, like Hello Kitty or Disney characters unless a license is obtained for us to produce t shirts with the copyrighted visuals.

Sometimes, artwork colours and level of details might be adjusted to suit the customer’s budget for their custom t shirts order. For example, an artwork or logo with gradient colours might be converted to a 1-colour or 2-colour artwork to bring down the costs.

  1. “What type of t shirts can we choose from?”

At Ark Industries, we have a range of t shirts for you to choose from. Cotton round neck t shirts, cotton & polyester blend t shirts, polo t shirts, branded running tees such as adidas running tees.

  1. “How long does printing of the t shirts take?”

Typically, the turnaround time is 7-10 working days upon sample confirmation. A visual layout is created for our customers to approve before we proceed with samples.

Ark Industries is dedicated to producing high quality custom t shirts for our customers. We care about custom t shirt printing in Singapore, we value high printing quality. Let us know your requirements and we can work together to create an awesome batch of custom t shirts. Simply send us a message below or call us at +6563520988 for more information.


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