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T shirt Printing for Custom Designs in Singapore

We love working on getting our customers’ custom designs printed on t shirts. A great custom design should most definitely be paired with a great t shirt! We enjoy the wide variety of designs that we are asked to print and to create for our customers.

What are some things to consider when designing for custom t shirt printing in Singapore?

  1. Know who are you are designing for

Understanding the visual language that the audience is familiar with and including the graphic elements in your custom t shirt design helps the audience to relate more to the design.

  1. Be selective with your colour choices

Sometimes less is more! A 2 colour customised tee shirt design might be more impactful than a 7 colour design. We recommend choosing complimentary colours and a controlled colour palette to create a holistic, overall theme for your custom t shirt design.

You can also consider using a tone-on-tone colour scheme, for example, a black print on black t shirt! The difference in the textures of the print and t shirt provides just enough contrast for the artwork or the text to be seen. Subtlety at it’s best!

  1. Choosing font types

A good font type can be the highlight of your customised tee shirt design. Choosing 1 or 2 font types for your t shirt design is ideal to create a controlled aesthetic quality for your custom t shirts. With so many font types to choose from, be sure To dedicate some time to select the most suitable font types for your design.

A great t shirt design should be on a good quality t shirt.
First up, which type of fabric material for you prefer for your t shirt? Will it be cotton, polyester or a blend of polyester and elastane? Each material has specific properties to them, such as moisture absorbency, sweat wicking and stretch.

There are many brands to choose from for your custom t shirt order. Some common brands are Gildan and Crossrunner, however there are also the very well known brand names such as adidas and Under Armour. Consider printing your custom design on adidas polo tees or even Under Armour running tees.

With the design of the custom t shirt and the choice of t shirt type, the next thing to do is to choose the best way to print on your required quantity of t shirts. The custom tshirt printing method for a 10 t shirts order may differ from the t shirt printing method for a 100 t shirts order.

For a lower quantity order such as 10 t shirts, we would recommend the Heat Transfer Printing method for your custom t shirt design. This involves cutting your artwork out from a roll of vinyl material, weeding it out from the vinyl, before using heat and pressure to seal the vinyl to the t shirts.

For higher quantity orders such as 100 t shirts, the t shirt printing method we will most likely recommend is the Silkscreen Printing method. This means that screens are set up for each of the artwork of your custom t shirt design and ink is applied through the screens onto the t shirts.


The above 2 custom t shirt printing methods are very suitable for solid colour t shirt designs.  If your custom t shirt design includes many colour shades and gradients, or the entire t shirt needs to be filled with a repeating pattern, the t shirt printing method we would recommend is the Sublimation Printing method. Dye is transferred onto the fabric of the t shirt and you will not be able to feel the print on the t shirt as the dye would seep into the fabric itself.

Make your t shirts with Ark Industries! Send us a message using the form below or call us at +65 6352 0988 for more information.


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