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Silk Screen Printing on Adidas Polo Tee

The adidas polo tee is one of the most popular polo tees chosen by teams and corporations to be customised by the method of silkscreen printing Singapore. It is made of lightweight polyester- ClimaLite and helps keep you dry and cool. It is in Asian cutting, loose fit in order to flatter most body types, and it has button down collar to keep you looking neat.

What are the types of customization that we can do on the adidas polo tee? The adidas polo tee has the adidas logo embroidered on the bottom of the left sleeve. This means that we can do silkscreen printing Singapore on popular spots like the right chest, the left chest, across the chest, across the back and on the right sleeve.

When deciding whether to get silkscreen printing done on adidas polo tees, there are a few important elements to consider.

What is the print quantity?

How many polo tees are you printing? How many positions are you printing on and are they using the same design and size? For example, if you are printing 100 polo tees, with a logo on the right chest, motto on the back of the polo tee and graphics on the sleeves, we would need to produce 3 silkscreen templates for print, one for each position.

However, if you can combine the logo and the motto into 1 A4 size template, and print it in the front of the polo tee, you will only be incurring the cost of producing 1 silkscreen template. (if the prints are in the same colour)

How many adidas polo tees will you be printing on? If you are printing less than 40 pieces, it will be more cost effective to choose heat transfer printing methods like Vinyl Print or digital Print. With heat transfer printing method, you will be able to choose different positions such as sleeves, back of adidas polo tee or front of adidas polo tee.

What are the types of silkscreen printing available?

How many colours are there in your logo/motto? For silkscreen printing Singapore, the cost increases proportionally to the number of colours. For example, if you would like to print black outlines on white adidas polo tee, that would cost, for example, $X per print. But if you need both black and yellow on a plain white adidas polo tee, it would cost $2X a print. If you are printing on a dark adidas polo tee like navy blue, and your design has black, yellow and white, that would cost $3X.

Besides number of colours, there are also many different types of silkscreen printing Singapore options for adidas polo tees. If you are a young and fun team you may like to choose neon or glitter silkscreen printing. If you are a fashionable company, you may like to choose silver, gold or silk screen printing with embossed effect.

For customers who want special effects, we can even provide foil printing. Foil printing costs more than coloured silk screen printing, but it will help your product to stand out from the crowd.

What other options are there besides silk screen printing?

Besides silk screen printing, you can consider doing embroidery on your addias polo tee. Embroidery on adidas polo tee is common and it is well liked for its textured look and feel and durability. Alternatively, you can even consider combining the two techniques, for example, embroidery on the chest and silk screen printing on the back of the adidas polo tee.

At Ark Industries, we pride ourselves on providing expert and customized solutions to your corporate needs. We believe in helping you to achieve your objective, be it customizing the best looking apparel or working within your budget to achieve the best possible results.

Do contact us at +65 63520988 or send us a message below to find out more information about printing on adidas polo tees. We look forward to connecting with you.


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