Silkscreen Printing Types

Silkscreen Printing Types

At Ark Industries, we pride ourselves in delivering one of the best printing services in Singapore. On top of the conventional direct silkscreen printing technique, we are constantly researching new methods to improve and create different finishes to enhance the design. Silkscreen printing is highly versatile as the silkscreen equipment can be used on various materials such as bags, caps, bottles, jackets, T-shirts and more. As there is a set-up cost, silkscreen printing is cost efficient for large quantity orders.

Direct Silkscreen

Direct silkscreen is the process of screening ink through silk or synthetic fibre mesh, combined with a stencil to reproduce a design on the chosen materials. This technique is mostly used for design in solid colour prints. Usually, a pantone code is required to ensure accuracy.

Indirect Silkscreen

Indirect silkscreen combines the elements of both the direct silkscreen preparation method and photographic film. The indirect silkscreen technique produces highly durable stencils that are used in applications whereby prints of high quality and finer details are required.