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Popular T-shirt Printing Ideas in Singapore

Getting t-shirts made for everyone is a great idea to enhance the visual impact and to unify the group! But what should the design look like? What colours, font type and graphics should be in the design?

Sometimes customers approach t-shirt printing companies in Singapore looking to get t-shirts made but do not know how else to go about it. The possibilities are endless! Here at Ark Industries, we look forward to creating high quality t-shirts for our customers.

Part of Ark Industries’ t-shirt printing services includes the expertise of a team of Designers who are able to conceptualise ideas and create the graphics for our customers. Our Sales Manager will communicate with customers to understand more of the requirements before working with the Designers to come up with ideas for the customers to choose from. Changes can be made to the ideas such as artwork size or font type.

Depending on the occasion that the t-shirts are for, our Designers will choose the appropriate colours, font type and graphics in a visual mock up for our customers to have a preview of how the printed t-shirts will look like. A well designed t-shirt goes a long way! It can boost the confidence of the person wearing it as well as strengthen a team’s image!

Here are some examples of popular t-shirt printing ideas and how to create interesting and creative artwork for t-shirts:

1. Combine elements
Say you are the owner of a new health food company that delivers set meals to all locations in Singapore. Consider combining graphic elements of healthy vegetables on wheels! You can even considered creating characters which can be printed on your t-shirts in Singapore!

2. Use of Typography
Another illustration method could be the use of text! There are many font styles that can be used – marker pen style,  vintage text style or even graffiti style! The letters can be positioned to so that they all fit into 1 harmonious artwork which can be easily printed onto your t-shirts!

3. Patterns
Draw up icons of things related to your business/school team/family and arrange them in a big pattern! You can play with simple linework and a couple of colours! Sometimes, less is more!

4. Illusions
Consider playful ideas! If you are making t-shirts for the trainers of a fitness gym, consider using photos of muscular torsos for the front of the tees! For this, the t-shirting printing method most suitable is the Sublimation Printing method.

5. Soccer Team Idea
Making a family tee? Consider adopting the style of names and numbers on a soccer jersey! You can even include your family name on the front (akin to being a sponsor’s logo printed on the front of a soccer jersey!)

6. Varsity Style
1 of the most popular ideas is making it college or varsity style. Big fonts with an outline, plus a tail at the end of the text!

7. “I LOVE NY”
Another very commonly used idea is modelled after the “I LOVE NY” t-shirt design. You can simply replace “NY” with any text you like! You can even use a graphic!

There are many other popular t-shirt printing ideas out there in Singapore. What matters most is how relevant the idea is to you! Here at Ark Industries, we enjoy helping our customers in the making of a truly unique customised t-shirt. T-shirt printing is not limited to only round neck tees, other options include branded apparel such as adidas polo tees or Under Armour Polo tees!

Send us a message below to get started on t-shirt printing or call us at +65 6352 0988 for more information.


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