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Material Focus – Under Armour Running Tee

Imagine yourself in a 10 km run. All prepped, well-hydrated, super pumped with your newly bought Under Armour running shoe, shorts and cotton tee. Why are you wearing a cotton tee? Your friends asked. It matches my new Under Armour shoes. Cool! Then the race started. On the 5 minute mark, you could already feel the heat, as expected. 

On the 10 minute mark, you’re already feeling tired. You look around you and other people looks OK. You suddenly think what’s wrong with you. 20 minutes more, you suddenly feel hot and heavy, and aching for a quick rest. And you feel like the only thing that you can do is take your top off which you think is both wrong and right. Because then it strucked you that it’s what you’re wearing. That cool cotton “under armour running tee” that is damp, heavy and is cling-wrapped around your body specially if it has an under armour custom t shirt printing on it. 

That’s what holds you down. What you should’ve worn is a real running tee. Under Armour running tees such as the UA streaker or the UA Speed Stride. Most of these Under Armour running tees will be in different technical materials such as polyester and elastane. Some will have a blend of elastane or other kind of polyester materials but not cotton. Even a small percentage of cotton blend might affect your running performance. 

So basically, an Under Armour running tee will be much lighter and has quick dry properties that wicks sweat away unlike if you use a cotton tee where it will absorb all your sweat like a sponge and add extra weight and limit your movement due to its wet & clingy fabric. 

Now, why aren’t collared tees like any Under Armour Polo Tee is used for running? It’s because what you want for a running tee is for it to be light as possible even when it’s wet. Now if you have an added collar, not only it is unnecessary but it will also add more weight. Not to mention that Polo tees need a certain thickness or gsm for it to be able to hold the entire Under Armour polo tee constructions for the placket and buttons. 

Basically, we all have to be smart on choosing what kind of material that we use for the specific purpose. Here at Ark Industries, as an Under Armour distributor we can easily give advice on which kind of material to use and on what better way to print your logos. We have tees such as the Under Armour Locker Tees and Tech Tees and Under Armour Polo tee such as the Under Armour Corporate Tech and Performance Polo. We also provide Under Armour custom t shirt printing and embroidery. 

If you need advice on how to make full use of the corporate under armour custom t shirt printing experience give us a call at +65 6352 0988 or email us at and make an appointment for a fruitful and creative discussion! 


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