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Making a Custom T shirts Order

Whether you are intending to print your custom designs on t shirts for your brand, your event or your team, a well printed custom design is eye-catching and serves as a good platform for spreading ideas or creating awareness.

If you have an idea of how your custom t shirt design should look like, it is time efficient to engage a professional in the area of custom t shirt printing to help you out. A professional t shirt printer will be able to advise about your artwork details, colours and artwork file preparation on the get go. It will save a lot of time and quicken the entire t shirt printing process.

Common t shirt printing methods for custom designs in Singapore include:
1. Silkscreen Printing

This involves burning your artwork and logos onto silk screen frames, before pushing ink through the frames onto the t shirts (which act like a stencil). 

2. Heat Transfer Printing

Your artwork or logos are cut out by our plotting machine, from a roll of vinyl material. Your artwork is then heat pressed onto the t shirts.

3. Dye Sublimation Printing

Fabric is dyed with inks before being sewn up as a t shirt. The inks permeate into the fibers of the fabric, you will not be able to feel the print on the t shirt. This results in a seam to seam print of your t shirt, a full colour pattern can be printed all over the t shirt via this method.

Depending on every order’s unique requirements, the due dates of the orders, artwork complexity and quantity of the order, our Sales Managers at Ark Industries will be able to assess the circumstances and advise the best way your t shirts should be printed by.

If you do not have ideas for artwork design, but need to get t shirts printed, our in-house designers will be able to help conceptualise and offer options for you. You can then proceed to pair the artwork design to the t shirt of your choice.

Look through our Product Catalogues and select a t shirt type that is most suitable. You can choose amongst cotton, polyester or a blend of fabric materials. At Ark Industries, you can choose from international brands such as adidas and Under Armour. We are the official corporate distributors and offer a range of polo tees and round neck tees for customers to customise.

Here are some printing positions on the t shirts and polo tees which you can customise:

1. Printing on the left or right chest of the t shirt
2. Printing on the front center of the t shirt
3. Printing on the sleeves (center or align bottom) of the t shirt
4. Printing on the bottom right or left corner on the front of the t shirt
5. Printing on the upper/center/lower back of the tshirt

Ark Industries is one of the leading custom t shirt printing companies in Singapore. We are apparel distributors as well as a full service printing and embroidery company. We take pride in providing the best service to our customers and produce high quality prints on t shirts and polo tees.

Let us know your requirements and we will respond with our best recommendations for your customised t shirt printing orders. Simply send us a message below or call us at +6563520988 directly.


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