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How to use our embroidery services to enhance your brand identity in Singapore

From one of our previous articles, we already shared how embroidery can be used to improve your brand image. But maybe we can go deeper and see how our embroidery services can improve your brand identity in Singapore. 

  1. The usual direct embroidery services

Of course there is the direct embroidery services of putting embroidered embellishments on polo tees or round neck tees. With the sole reason of embroidery being a lot nicer and technical than ordinary printing.  

  1. 3D embroidery services and others.

Embroidery services varies a lot. It’s not just a logo on a polo, it can also be a simple running stitch, an applique badge or a 3D embroidery. But what are the differences between Direct Embroidery and 3D Embroidery? Well, 3D embroidery services which is also called Puff Embroidery are those that you often see on caps, where the wordings or the artwork is protruded that gives an amazing depth to the logo. However, note that not all wordings and artwork can be created with our 3D embroidery services. 

  1. Badges

Badges can come in any shapes and sizes, and can be creatively explored further compared to those basic direct embroidery services. You can choose a different border or a different base cloth where you can choose from 3 different badge bases that we offer. 

  1. First is the standard badge where the base it’s just a cloth. It’s a free-for-all. You decide on what you do with it. But basically most people will prefer this kind of badge for when they want to sew on any piece of clothing DIY style.
  2. Then there is the iron-on badge where you can use your good old clothes iron at home to steamroll those badges on any apparel or cloth that you like. 
  3. Last one is the Hook and Loop / Velcro Badge. Perfect for those who wants to have multiple badges to choose from that they can easily switch and replace depending on the situation or even their moods. 

  1. Bags, Caps, Towels etc.

Yes, aside from apparels, it is a good idea to use bags, caps, towels to market your brand. With the right brand, you can easily spread brand awareness to your target audience. For Bags, our current lineup for Adidas is the spacious Adidas Golf Duffle Bag (F12021), the functional Adidas Golf Cooler Bag (F13024) or the lightweight Adidas Golf Shoe Bag (FI3033). You can talk to one of our sales representatives if you are interested. For Caps we have our Yupoong Cap selection in this section of our website. But to sum it up, If you want to try other things that are not Performance polos or tees then you can never go wrong with Bags, caps and towels.

  1. Embroidery Events

If you are planning an event, and you want your audience to take something memorable home then, embellished premium gifts is the answer. But if you want to multiply this with a unique and valuable experience then look no further as Ark & Craft can help you with the one-of-a-kind need. With Ark & Craft, we can do on-the-spot embroidery, printing or embossing on a variety of products. Do let us know if you are interested in organizing a live embroidery event!

So that right there is a good list of how we can help you with our embroidery services Singapore. As a market leader in embroidery and premium corporate brands, we are continually researching and innovating embroidery techniques in the market. If you are interested to know things like the differences between Direct Embroidery and 3D Embroidery, or to the discovery the endless potential of embroidery, just call us now at +65 6352 0988 or email us at info@ark.sg to make an appointment. 


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