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High Quality Embroidery Services to help you improve your Brand Image

In a time like this, we live in an extremely competitive business environment, surrounded by many brands and companies offering their products and services to similar target groups. The need for your brand to capture your target group’s attention and to gain favour with them is of top most priority, apart from providing true quality products and services.

Giving your brand a consistent, well-considered aesthetic look with a unique blend of graphics and good copywriting is a must to portray a professional image, which is a basic need for all brands.

Elements that make up a corporate identity or brand visual identity are:

1. A sound name and slogan
2. Logo design (that includes a primary and secondary logo for application across all types of media or apparel)
3. Name cards
4. Website (desktop and mobile versions must be equally robust and user-friendly)
5. Packaging (if any)
6. Interior design of your showroom or retail stores (if any)
7. Uniforms or apparel for your employees (if any)
8. Marketing apparel such as event tee shirts (if any)

These elements are some of what some businesses would need to establish a cohesive and unique brand image. A big majority of businesses across all industries have the components that are stated above. It is important for each business to treat each element seriously and constantly seek out higher quality. Each element has to hold its weight equally so as to work cohesively with every other element to present a certain brand personality to the brand’s target group.

Humans are visual creatures, we develop opinions upon our perception of many factors. Though it is not good to judge quickly, but we know that the first impressions count. In the current fast paced world, the need to appeal to the target group quickly is very real. Only then, brands can move on the next step in their marketing strategies to turn their target group into their customers.

At Ark Industries, we specialise in custom printing and embroidery on apparel. We seek to help brands in their implementation of their marketing ideas or strategies and support them in their bid to look good and professional. We are not content in providing subpar customised apparel for our customers, therefore we have worked with global brands such as adidas, Under Armour, Puma and Yupoong, to bring customers high quality and affordable garments.

For a high quality polo tee, adidas and Under Armour never disappoint. The fabric technologies are highly functional, the design of the polos are neat and classic. The range available for customisation from adidas and Under Armour include tshirts, jackets, bags and caps. For premium caps, choose from Yupoong’s range, which includes baseball caps and Flexfit caps which offer a great fit and beautiful cap shape.

We offer these branded products for our customers to consider using as their corporate apparel, corporate tees or event tee shirts. To make the shirts truly unique and aligned with their brand image, customers can choose to embellish the shirts with their logos, slogans and custom artwork or text.

We offer 2 main ways you can add your logos or artwork to the branded apparel. Namely, embroidery and printing. We highly recommend choosing embroidery for the branded tops, bags and caps for a number of reasons:

1. Long-lasting and durable

Embroidery offers high durability as the high-quality threads from Germany remain vibrant and in good condition even after a long period of time. Colours of the threads do not fade.

2. Higher perceived value

Embroidered logos are more textural, there are variances in depths and are commonly seen to be more premium than a flat 2D print.

3.  3D Embroidery

For more visual impact, consider using 3D Embroidery for big shapes and text on the high-quality Yupoong caps.

Well-embroidered logos on quality apparel from well-known brands give you a classier look. It elevates your brand image as it sends a subtle message to your target group that your brand pays attention to detail and provides a sense of confidence to them.

We want to see brands and businesses to succeed. Contact us for more information regarding customisation of apparel, embroidery and printing on branded apparel. We will be happy to answer your queries and work towards creating custom apparel to boost your success. Send us an email at info@ark.sg, send us a message via the form below or call us at +65 6352 0988


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