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Designing for Custom T Shirts

If for some reason you don’t want to do custom t shirt printing in Singapore on premium items such as the adidas polo tee or Under Armour running tee and you want to create your own custom t shirts instead, we are definitely here to help. 

But why would companies decide on making custom t shirts in the first place? 

Maybe they want an outstanding merchandise item, or they need something specific, like the sleeve to be in two different colours or maybe they just want their tees to be cool and trendy. But whatever it is, Ark Industries can help you from the start to finish. From conceptual and brainstorming stage up until you receive it at your office doorstep. 

Now, If we do custom t shirt printing in Singapore, we can do it in two different ways and that will depend on what will the purpose of your custom t shirts be, which then leads to what kind of material we should use and so on. 

Custom t shirt printing for Merchandise Tees 

If your custom t shirt printing will be for these, then it would be a good idea to have cotton as most people would like something that is comfortable and something that they are very familiar with. But this is not always true, no matter what the material is, it will still depend on how you market your merchandise and of course how the overall design looks like and here at Ark, we have design specialists that would be able to advise you on what works and what doesn’t so don’t forget to take note of that when doing a project with us.

Custom t shirt printing for Events 

Now what if you want custom t shirts for events? if it’s an indoor event or a half day occasion then yes, you can definitely consider a cotton tee but of course it doesn’t always have to be. You can definitely use polyester or blends and the good thing with polyester material is its versatility and printing methods that can be done with it. For example, If you want a specific polyester material like the microfibre which is light and silky smooth and mimics the quality and feel of the high end apparels like the Adidas polo tee, then it can be done! 

You want to have a mesh/eyelet back part for your polo so it’s breezier and quick drying than the usual polo tees out there, then yes it can be done! 

Or perhaps you want an overall print where you can go loco on the colours and design details, of course it surely can also be done! 

So whatever kind of custom t shirt printing design you want to do, we can undoubtedly do it. With the exception of course of that the design cannot be derived on our existing Adidas polo tee or Under Armour Running Tee.  

So if you are interested on custom t shirt printing companies in Singapore and would like to know more you could check out some of our articles about Silk Screen Printing on Adidas Polo Tee or What kind of Under Armour Running Tee is suitable for you?

Do contact us, Ark Industries at +65 63520988 or send us a message below to find out more about our customised tee shirt. 


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