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Custom t shirts for Ultimate Frisbee teams in Singapore

Ultimate frisbee or simply known as just Ultimate has become one of the fastest rising team sports in Singapore this past few years. With its straightforward rules, high intense action and good team work elements, no wonder it is in everyone’s radar nowadays. 

So what can you do today if you’re interested on playing Ultimate? Well, there are a lot of beginner pickup games out there that you can join, just try doing a Google search of “Ultimate in Singapore” and you will surely end up with one. What will evening pickup games require you to bring are your discs, some fluids for hydrating and two t-shirts. Specifically a light coloured one and a dark one. This is so that you can easily identify your team mates and opponents out in the field and of course as a beginner, you’ll be ready to join either of the teams during the pickup game. 

So now, what is the most suitable apparel for playing Ultimate? 

The quintessential t-shirt. Yes, that’s right! Ultimate players all over the globe are using custom t shirts for their teams. It’s versatile, everyone can easily get one and it’s very reliable in terms of playing Ultimate. 

Most frisbee team out there have very vibrant and striking team designs on their jerseys and is mostly done with sublimation print. If you’d like to know more about custom t shirts with sublimation print click here. The more distinct the design, the better it is for establishing your team’s presence at competitions! If you are interested, you can make an appointment with us for a discussion on how we can help you to create you team’s custom tshirts – from the design, the material to the bulk production. 

And speaking of material, a customised t-shirt with sublimation print can only be done on polyester materials where fortunately what you’ll need for playing Ultimate because of the sweat wicking and quick dying properties that it gives. 

For a premium alternative, we suggest branded custom t shirt like an adidas running tee or an Under Armour running tee

For an Adidas running tee, you can have our Adidas Estro19 Jersey that comes in 3 different colour ways (Red/White, Blue/White and Black/White). It is made with Climalite Technology that wicks sweat and keeps you dry.

Another Adidas Running Tee that will be suitable for an Ultimate Frisbee jersey is the Adidas Freelift tee. It is very lightweight and has an athletic shape that has a tapered body for a better shape. Comes in dark and light grey. 

For an Under Armour running tee, we suggest taking the Tech Tee 2.0 that comes in black and grey for men and the Under Armour running tee  – Tech Twist for women that comes in with melange black and heather grey. 

All these custom t shirts comes in dark and light colour ways that is suitable for Ultimate frisbee teams. 

So if you have a team or even starting your very first frisbee team, why not inquire on what we can do for you. We just don’t offer premium customised t-shirt but we also offer design services that your tea might need. 

Call us now at +65 6352 0988 or email us at to make an appointment and let us team up to give you a better performance edge. 


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