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Custom T Shirts Printing for Special Events

Every unique event typically has its own custom designed t shirt that is exclusive for the participants of the event. Well-made custom t shirts go a long way. The life span of the custom t shirt should be as long as it can be. A custom t shirt or polo tee worn once could possibly mean that the advertising effect lasts only for a day and it also contributes to the vast amount of trash in the world! We like to believe that good design goes a long way.

Here are some ways we can help with the creation of good quality custom t shirts for events:

1. Choose a high quality t shirt

Brands matter. Brands care about the quality of their products so much more. More attention is given to the smaller details like the sewing of seams and how well the t shirt cutting fits the human body. The fabric used tends to be more comfortable and performs better. For example, adidas running tees and adidas polo tees feature the fabric technology, “climalite”, feels lightweight and wicks sweat away at a faster rate than a non-branded t shirt. Branded t shirts also go through tighter quality checks. Consistency of sizes and colour across the bulk quantities of t shirts is better maintained.

Generally, we recommend a higher quality t shirt for our customers. Cheapest t shirts may not give our customers the best value for money.

2. Good prints are a must!

If our customers choose high quality t shirts for their orders, good quality prints are a must to justify their choice of t shirts. When we think about “good prints”, we do not mean prints that last forever. We do not promise that to our customers but provide a realistic time frame of how long the prints will stay in top condition. Whether the prints are heat transferred or silk screened onto the t shirts, after a certain number of washes, there will definitely be worn out prints. The longest lasting print method is the Sublimation Printing method. Sublimation printing uses dyes and pigments, which are absorbed into the fabric itself, leaving no hand feel. Such prints last as long as the fabric lasts for.

3. When possible, choose Embroidery

Embroidery of logos, artwork or text is not limited to only be done for polo t shirts. Some t shirts can be embroidered on and we will recommend this option to our customers when it is feasible because we know that embroidery lasts for a way longer time than prints like heat transferred or silk screen prints. Embroidery on Under Armour running tees such as the Locker Tees is possible. Some customers may be concerned about the embroidery causing abrasion on the skin. This can be managed by embroidering a smaller logo and we can also use a softer backing for embroideries on running tees.

4. The power of attractive visuals

With high quality t shirts and embellishments, another factor that contributes to creating awesome custom t shirts is good design of the artwork. People are highly influenced by what they see and we understand how first impressions can be rather important. Say you have an abstract concept for the artwork but do not have the technical expertise to create it digitally, hiring a graphic designer or engaging our service will solve that. We have in-house designers who can create the visuals for you and get them “production-ready”.

Here at Ark Industries, we specialise in custom t shirt printing in Singapore. We offer a wide range of products and services which include printing, embroidery and merchandise design. We are committed to work with our customers to create outstanding custom t shirts, corporate attire and custom merchandise. Choose from our branded range of apparel from brands such as adidas, Under Armour and Flexfit caps.

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