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You & Your Team Can Look & Feel Great Wearing Custom Adidas Polo Tees

“If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good.” This is a quote from American Football Hall-of-famer Deion Sanders.

For some, this kind of thinking might be perceived as something shallow but all through the years it has been proven by a lot of athletes, researchers and of course regular people like us.

Like it or not, what we wear influences our mind, how we behave and perform.

There is a 2012 experiment by Hajo Adam and Adam D. Galinsky that relates to the effect which clothing has upon a person’s mental process and the way they think, feel, and function, in areas like attention, confidence, or abstract thinking. They called it Enclothed Cognition.

The experiment was about having a group of people wear lab coats and while the other group wear nothing special. They did perform attention-related tasks and predictably, the group wearing lab coats performed significantly better than the other group.

And this observation also applies to different fields like athletic wear such as an adidas running tee or an adidas polo tee would raise someone’s performance level up a notch.

And this is definitely something that we have proven ourselves. As all of us know the feeling of wearing new clothes. Bonus satisfaction points if you really like the brand. That’s why a lot of people prefer branded clothing like an adidas running tee as it ticks off the right boxes.

So if you’re looking for the right adidas polo tee Singapore supplier, your search is over as Ark Industries has been helping out not just athletic teams but also Corporate teams for their adidas customised polo tee fix. Basically, what we are is an authorized customisation provider for the corporate apparels like adidas polo tee and adidas running tee. Not to mention the other brands that we partner with like Under Armour, Puma, Flexfit etc.

But why not settle on a cheap regular apparel, you ask? Well, that’s up to you. That could be a good idea if you are buying just for yourself. But if you are buying for others, especially if it’s your team or department then you have to think again and consider a few things.

Like, will they reluctantly wear this cheap polo tee if it wasn’t an adidas customised polo tee? Will they proudly wear the basic running tee with your company logo printed on their weekend runs if it wasn’t an adidas running tee? Is it worth saving that few dollars with the risk of having your company’s corporate apparels go to waste.

Because let’s face it. You are more likely to wear an adidas customised polo tee given by your boss over a basic, OK-looking corporate polo tee.

Like one of our clients says, his team wears their adidas polo tee every Monday as if it were their Monday suits (because it’s almost impossible to wear a full suit in Singapore weather) to start off the week in high spirits.

As an authorized adidas polo tee singapore supplier and embellishment provider, we constantly renew and update our product line. Every year we will have a new style of adidas polo tee, adidas running tee, caps and bags.

This means this should make your job easier by not thinking what to give your team that could yield higher ROI. You can email us or keep in touch with one of our sales managers if you want the latest style of polo tees, be it Adidas, Under Armour or any other brands that we carry.

If you are keen to customise adidas polo tee Singapore, do check out our article on 5 ways you can customise your adidas polo tee in Singapore. And before we end this article, here’s another quote from Deion Sanders. “When you dress for success, success usually finds you. Bring your ‘A’ game!”


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