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Why You Should Customise adidas Polos In Singapore

The adidas brand is a well-known international brand with 70 years of history. It has developed its high quality apparel through years of constant innovation. Ark Industries is proud to be an official corporate distributor of adidas apparel in Singapore. You can customise adidas apparel such as adidas polo tees, adidas running tees, adidas team wear jerseys, adidas caps and adidas bags for your team, company or organisations!

Customisation includes embellishment of your artwork, logo or text using embroidery or printing methods. Ark Industries provides a full service of designing a logo/artwork for you (if you do not have one), offers a wide range of apparel options for you to choose from and has the technical expertise to embroider or print your desired artwork or logo on the adidas apparel.

Small details done with excellence makes 1 great product. The adidas brand takes pride in high product quality and ensures strict inspection is done at their factories and across all suppliers.

adidas is well-known for their “Climalite” fabric. It is specially created for apparel worn in warm weather. It wicks perspiration away from your body and helps increase the rate of evaporation, which removes the heat while you exercise in warm conditions. It not only works effectively, it feels very comfortable to wear. The outer feel of the fabric is cotton, however, the underside of the fabric is a polyester material that feels cooling to the skin. This adidas Climalite fabric is very suitable for apparel worn in Singapore’s tropical weather.

Some of the adidas apparel ranges feature an Asian size cutting for Men and Women. This results in a really good fit for most of our customers in Singapore. A good fit boosts the confidence of the person wearing the adidas polo tee and portrays a smart look.

adidas polo tees are classy – subtle and with just the right amount of aesthetic detail. Take for example the adidas CF polo which we offer here at Ark Industries. The adidas CF polos sport a button-down collar and buttons with a contrast colour stitch. It also features a subtle 3 stripes sewing seam detail at the bottom of the placket. The length of the placket is made longer than usual which makes the look of a classic polo tee more unique. The adidas logo is on the left sleeve of the polo tee, it is embroidered at just the right size to showcase the adidas Brand of Sport logo. With these details, our customers can choose to embroider or print their logos and texts in many positions of the adidas polo tee such as, the left or right chest positions and the upper back of the polo tee.

Choosing to customise adidas polo tees for your corporate or team needs is highly recommended. The perceived value of the corporate polos or team polos is instantly elevated due to the well-known adidas brand. The co-branding of the adidas brand and the company, organisation or event you represent, works to create a better impression. The high durability of the adidas polo tees will keep your team looking sharp for a longer time compared to non-branded polo tees which are available in the market.

Ark Industries is an official adidas polo tee distributor in Singapore, all adidas apparel that we offer is 100% authentic. We look forward to producing customised adidas polo tees for you and your teams. Send us a message below or call us at +65 6352 0988 to find out more about our adidas products and services.


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