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Why you should customise a Under Armour running tee as your team jersey in Singapore

Regardless of any form of team you are in, whether it is a sports team or a department within a company – with every new race season or every new calendar year, new team jerseys or tees are needed for new joiners or to provide to enhance a team spirit within the team. An Under Armour running tee Singapore will definitely be a great team item for all members!

Team tees or jerseys are worn regularly and thus, are also washed regularly. The jerseys are subject to abrasionover time and should be durable. Not only should your tees be of a high quality, the prints on your tees should be of a high quality as well.

In Singapore, both the average temperature and humidity levels are high. Everyone has to deal with the hot and humid climate daily. Every team jersey or team tee should be able to wick perspiration way fast, it should not trap heat or be soaked with perspiration.

Tshirts such as the Under Armour Locker 2.0 Short Sleeve tees are made of a very quick drying polyester fabric which wicks perspiration very quickly and dries up really quick. This leaves the wearer feeling cool, dry and light. It prevents the wearer from feeling weighed down by the amount of perspiration in the fabric of the tshirt. The moisture in the tshirt will also cause the tshirt to cling onto the wearer’s body, which makes it uncomfortable.

The HeatGear fabric technology that Under Armour has, is used in the Under Armour tshirts such as Under Armour Tech tees. The HeatGear technology makes the fabric ultra-breathable, allowing the wearer’s body temperature to be well regulated. No one should suffer in an inferior polyester tshirt anymore! We encourage our customers to consider customising running tees or team jerseys using branded tees from Under Armour, adidas or Puma because we understand the benefits of beating the heat in Singapore.

We offer Under Armour running tees that are available in both gender cuttings. The Under Armour Tech Tee comes in both Male and Female cuttings. For the Male cutting, it is a round neck tee. For Female cutting, choose between round neck or v-neck styles. For the Female round neck tees, they are available in plain solid colours, perfect for customising with your team logos and text. For the Female v-neck tees, they are available in a unique heathered pattern fabric which you can easily apply your logos and text on.  All these make really good looking team jerseys in Singapore!

The Under Armour brand is highly associated with high-performing athletes and the positive attitude of “I WILL” and “The only way is through”. Wearing the Under Armour brand can empower the wearers or your team members, as they relate to the athletes featured by Under Armour and emulate them.

You can choose to heat press or screen print your logos, each member’s name and number (if any) on various positions on the Under Armour tees. Choose from many colours ranging from the simple white or black to the metallic gold or silver! Ark Industries is authorised by Under Armour itself, to be an Under Armour customised printing service provider in Singapore.

For the best deals in customising an Under Armour tee and even an Under Armour polo tee, you’ve come to the right place. Make great team gear and start customising an Under Armour running tee Singapore for your team! Contact us at +65 6352 0988 or email us at to find out the details for the customisation. Our Sales Managers will provide you with the information you need to consider using Under Armour tees as your team jerseys.


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