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Why Custom Printing Your T Shirt Can Make Or Break An Event

One of our new clients who is an event manager recently shared a nightmare story that happened to her a year ago. It’s all about an event that she was leading and was at the brink of disaster because of a custom tee shirt printing problem.  

What happened was because timeline were very tight (as usual), their supplier did a lot of shortcuts and skipped a couple of steps. In the final week before the event, stress started, panic ensued and fingers were pointed. The whole t shirt printing order was almost cancelled. Fortunately, everything turned out well! All thanks to one of our regular clients, who introduced her to us and we tried our best to fix the problem. One takeaway that we got from here is that clients really do appreciate a supplier who will support them as if they were part of their team. 

Many clients launch different events of varying magnitudes to meet their business objectives. It could be to gain brand awareness, new product launches, promote a cause or for staff welfare. Getting custom t shirts for the organisers and participants alike is akin to soul of the event. Finding commonalities and bringing people together for a common purpose to make a positive difference. Hence, it is vital to go for quality custom tshirt printing to get it right for the big first step.

T shirts are highly visible when participants or organisers of the event wear them on-site. Photographs and videos are captured by the media team and used across various platforms. The media could be shown on national news, published in magazines or uploaded on various websites. It is vital to ensure these photographs and videos showcase the desired brand image.

So having the right custom tshirt printing companies in Singapore could really make or break an event. The three main reasons are Assurance, Reliability and Communication. Let’s go through them one by one. 


One of the few things that are very important in sales is that is the client feels assured. Paying lip service is easy, but empty promises cannot be kept under the rug forever, especially in such times when online reviews reveal so much about your reliability as a service provider. So one good thing to look out for is if the tee shirt printing company you are working with is honest and has proven itself with a good track record over time. It is one of the qualities that we live by here at Ark Industries. We make sure that we take accountability for everything that we do.


When looking for a customised tee shirt supplier, it’s wise to check out their website and any online reviews on how they deliver. How they present their brand and services in the virtual world really says a lot and should give you a good list of things that can help you make better judgement. 


Never underestimate the value of communication. A t shirt printing company’s communication style is reflected from the simplest act of answering the telephone to the way they treat clients with respect and professionalism. Did you get most of your questions and concerns answered? Was the information about the custom t shirts given, clear and satisfying? Did you feel any disrespect or rudeness through the phone conversation or emails? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself after an interaction. 

A positive answer about these things is a good sign that you are working with a tshirt printing company that has already ironed out the basics of professional communications to a certain degree.

Apart from the above-mentioned 3 qualities, we understand the importance and the value of a clear-cut order process. 

Here’s what a typical process looks like at Ark Industries:

Step 1
Our Sales Managers will find out the needs of our clients and make the best recommendations on the type of apparel and embellishments.

Step 2
Our clients will be presented with a range of apparel items and embellishment types to choose from.

Step 3
Our in-house design team will prepare visual mockups of our client’s artwork or logos on shortlisted apparel items.

Step 4
The client will review the visual mockups and request for changes to be made.

Step 5

Once the visual mockups are approved by the client, our Sales Manager will send the final mockup and quotation to the client to endorse.

Step 6
Depending on the order, an embroidery or print sample will be sent to the client for approval (either via photo or an actual physical piece). Once the sample is approved by the client, bulk production will commence.

Step 7
Clients can choose to collect the completed custom apparel from our office or choose to have the apparel delivered to them at a fee. 

Client Feature
Featuring our client, Appsolutely Technologies, wearing custom round neck t shirts with the logo of their mobile app “Stretch”, printed big on the front! The simple black t shirts with white prints match well with the aesthetics of their marketing material at their booth in the Singapore Expo. The custom t shirts become an extension of their brand and is an important factor in creating a memorable impression on their potential customers.

Let’s Boost Your Event’s Success!
Over the past decade and a half, we have helped to make custom t shirts for our clients’ events and is heartened to see the successful conclusion of each event every time. 

As a market leader of 
custom tshirt printing companies in Singapore we are continually developing and expanding our services and industry knowledge. If you are interested to know more about our custom printing services or embroidery on premium apparels such as an adidas polo tee or an Under Armour running tee, call us today at +65 6352 0988 or email us at info@ark.sg to arrange an appointment.


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