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Why are our embroidery services popular amongst our customers?

The day will come when you will be looking for custom embroidery services and that day could be today, tomorrow or next week! Nonetheless, when you need these custom embroidery services, there’s a high chance that you’ll rely on Google for the answer. 

The thing is, you will be greeted with an avalanche of search results that will test your scrutinizing skills. It’s a well-known fact that the first page of results is where the most popular companies or pages are and that’s where Ark Industries is at. There’s a wonderful reason for that.  

It’s because Ark Industries has always been at the pinnacle of the industry and a market leader for custom embroidery services on premium apparels for more than 15 years as the time of writing and we have built strong relationships with different brands and continuously expanding our reach outside of Singapore. 

Based on our data and personal feedbacks, most of our clients go back for more of our embroidery services. Why is it so? We’ve compiled what some of our clients say when we curiously ask why they come back for more. 

  1. “Because it looks much more premium”

There’s something indescribable with embroidery, we all know by this day and age that it is done by a machine but we are still amazed by an embroidery product. The tightly stitched threads on intricate shapes and form really brings out a premium and luxurious feel upon touching it or even looking at it up close. 

  1. “It gives an excellent and lasting Impression”

A lot of our clients keep on saying that they get a lot of compliments from their embroidered apparels and they themselves feel the professionality that it brings. And that is very true. It’s a good reason why people make an effort to dress up and look sharp because it brings out the best from everyone. Specially with our 3d embroidery services. 

  1. “Top-notch embroidery quality and customer service”

We have clients who are surprised with the quality of embroidery that Ark industries delivers when they compare it from other direct embroidery services. They found our process and customer service exceptional and they wouldn’t settle for anything less.

  1. “It lasts very long”

Some prints get old or fade away but not embroidery. Even after a huge number of washes, the threads won’t unravel and the colour will stay perfectly solid specially because we are using Madeira threads that are manufactured in Germany. 

  1. “Co-branding!”

Last one is because our clients prefer having their logo alongside the logo brands of the premium products that we carry. So for an adidas or an Under Armour Polo that has an embroidered branding on the left sleeve, right chest or anywhere, it is very sensible to have your logo in embroidery as well. Same goes for caps, bags or other special items. Print always pale in comparison alongside an embroidered branding. 

Ark Industries started out as a small embroidery and printing company more than a decade ago and has risen up to be one of the most reliable embroidery services in Singapore in the earlier years and now we have grown our partnerships, teams and advance equipment. 

Get started and find out how our embroidery services are like. We’d be very happy to meet new potential clients and partners that we can work with it and create well embroidered custom apparel. Alternatively, you can explore our website to find out more on how we can help you. 


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