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Embroidery on workwear for employees of a company (What our custom embroidery services can do for you!)

Workwear for employees of a company should look smart and good! Workwear that looks good not only boosts employee morale, it adds positively to your company’s overall brand image too. Well embroidered logos look really good on clothes as the overall aesthetic results are perceived to be of high quality than that of a mere flat print. Our custom embroidery services can add your company logos and text to a wide range of apparel such as a tee shirt, polo tees, jackets, caps and even bags.

The left and right chest positions of a polo tee (or the front logo of a great cap!) are some of what customers notice first when they first meet an employee of the company. Good and professionally done embroideries, will set a good impression. This is of course, if the good embroidery is paired with high quality tops such as an Under Armour or adidas polo tee.

Workwear should be durable, the embroidery on workwear should be equally durable. Prints may fade, crack or peel over time, but good embroideries stay in top condition for a long, long time.

Uniforms can also be referred to as workwear. High quality uniforms are used to create a sense of pride and belonging amongst employees when they wear them and go about their work. A company with several departments, can differentiate the departments with different colours and embroidery variations on their workwear. For example, the Logistics Department can wear a different colour top from the Design Department, with a different icon representing each department embroidered on the right sleeve. Workwear can help to foster a stronger sense of team spirit and sense of responsibility in each employee.

At Ark Industries, we use Madeira thread that originates from Germany. It is a top quality brand of thread and is highly durable. The colours do not fade and the thread does not disintegrate easily. Workwear is worn on a daily basis, it is often subjected to abrasion and washed multiple times every week.

Choose from a wide array of thread colours! Our production manager will choose the closest thread colours that match your corporate logo and create a cut piece sample for your approval before proceeding with a first piece actual sample. We understand the importance of choosing the correct colours so that your company’s branding will be cohesive across all other elements.

One combination of embroidery on workwear is to have embroidery of your logo on the left chest, have staff’s own names embroidered on the left or right sleeve, the department name embroidered on the upper back of a polo tee.

Consider using both embroidery and silkscreen or heat pressed prints for your customised workwear. Embroider your logo on the left or right chest in a smaller size and have your logo printed bigger on the back of a tshirt or polo tee. You could even embroider on collars of polo tees!

On the surface, high quality workwear might seem unnecessary and showy, however there is a deeper significance of bonding the employees and instilling a sense of pride within each employee.

Start creating good workwear with high quality embroidery for you and your employees, or for your fellow colleagues! Contact us if you would like to know more about our custom embroidery services and apparels customisation. Do call us at +65 6352 0988 or email us at to make an appointment.


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