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What makes the Under Armour Polo Tee suitable for people in Singapore?

Custom tshirts, polo tees, bags and caps are often necessary for many brands and companies. Logos, text and artwork are added to these apparel items in various ways such as silkscreen printing, heat press printing and embroidery. Some apparel items are customised from scratch, where customers choose the way the tshirt or polo tee panels are shaped, coloured or detailed.

Polo tees come in many, many various forms. The variables include:

1. Collar size and type (mandarin collars, self-fabric collars, knitted collars, button-down collars)
2. Placket size and types (regular, slim, 2-4 buttons, zip, zip sliders)
3. Sleeve types (regular, raglan, long sleeves, ¾ sleeves)
4. Fabric types (cotton, polyester, fabric blends)
5. Panel designs (shoulders, upper back, side panels)
6. Trimmings (on edges of collars, edges of panels, ends of sleeves)
7. Buttons (colours, plastic or metal, sizes, button stitch colours)

As you can see from the list above, the permutations are truly endless! Customers can create their very own uniquely customised polo tee for their events, brands, companies, co-workers and employees.

Here at Ark Industries, we offer full customisation services for polo tees and other apparel items. To provide our customers with a wider range of quality choices, we are also corporate distributors for adidas, Under Armour and Puma. These established brands produce quality apparel that are well-loved by people all over the world, and we want to offer their products to our customers for customisation.

We are authorised to be Under Armour polo tee printing company and customers can be rest assured that we sell 100% authentic products. If you are looking for customisation options locally, Singapore Under Armour running tee services such as individual names and numbers printing, we offer this service as well.

Some Under Armour polo tees that we offer:

1. Under Armour Performance Corp Polos (Men) & Corp Performance Polos (Women)
2. Under Armour Corp Tech Polos
3. Under Armour New Tech Polos

All 3 ranges of polos feature Under Armour’s HeatGear fabric technology. It is made of a microfibre mix that pulls moisture away from the body while the wearer is exercising in a hot climate. This results in helping the wearer staying cool in warm conditions. Additionally, the HeatGear fabric keeps you feeling dry, not suffering from the discomfort caused by a wet fabric that clings to your body. In Singapore’s warm, humid climate, this makes the Under Armour Polo Tee ultra-suitable for everyone and not just the athletes to wear.

A solid, highly functional piece of fabric technology is a big winning factor for judging the quality of a polo tee. Under Armour’s polo tees that feature the HeatGear fabric technology keeps you looking smart, before, during and even after the golf game. For all sports, the Under Armour polo tee guarantees performance and good aesthetic style.

Perspiration and body heat can easily annoy and bring a lot of discomfort to the wearer. It can become a distraction to times when you need to focus to ace games or to complete a task. Under Armour’s HeatGear polo tees are designed to keep you feeling as comfortable as possible, under warm climate conditions.

We highly recommend our customers to consider customising Under Armour polo tees for their co-workers, employees or for their events. The value of the Under Armour brand and their HeatGear technology really comes through, especially at the affordable price range we offer them at.

Embroider your company logo any of the positions on the polo tee such as right or left chest or sleeve, the upper back or embroider each person’s initials the collar! The end result will definitely be classic, smart and sporty.

Call us at +65 6352 0988 to start customising your Under Armour polo tees or send us an email at info@ark.sg to begin.


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