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What makes adidas Golf apparel so popular in Singapore ?

Golf is a sports played by hitting a ball with a club from a tee into a hole. The objective is to get the ball into the hole with the least number of swings or strokes of the club.

There are approximately 80,000 golfers in Singapore with 25 % participation in golf on a social basis. The core Singaporean golfer plays an average of 41 rounds per year, with 24% participating on at least a weekly basis.

The main motivations for playing Golf are to relax and have fun, to spend time with friends, enjoy social interactions and to be outdoors in a natural environment.

A round of golf, on average, is expected to take about four hours to play for a group of four golfers. That is the estimate most golfers will give for an appropriate length of time to play 18 holes. Being outdoor for prolonged period of time, wearing comfortable apparel is essential to enjoying a good golf game.

At Ark Industries, we carry a wide range of adidas polo tees that are suitable for playing Golf. There are different polo tee designs to cater to different preferences. Just to share below are a few ranges of adidas polo tee shirts.

adidas CF Polo tee shirts

This adidas CF polo tee range is made of climalite fabric, a type of moisture wicking fabric that sweeps sweat away from your body and to keep you dry every step of the way. It is Asian cut that makes it suitable for most Asian body built. Made of 100% Polyester, it is durable and resistant to shrinking and stretching. It is strong yet lightweight.

Choose from white, black, navy or red colours. The adidas CF polo is available in both men and women cuttings. This exclusive collection combines technology with understated style. This is why is it so popular among golfers in Singapore.

adidas MA polo tee shirts

This is a range of adidas polo tee that is exclusive to Ark Industries. Besides being made of climalite fabric that wicks sweat away from your body, it is also lighter than its predecessor. It combines comfort with style that makes wearer look good and feel good. Featuring a button down collar, the adidas MA polo tee shirt keeps you looking smart throughout the action of the golf game. This is the must-have functional piece in every golfers’ wardrobe.

adidas SLD and SLH Polo tee shirts

Over the years, the adidas SLD and SLH range of adidas polo tees available at Ark Industries have also been well received. They are also made of climalite fabric that wicks sweat away from your body. It has anti-odour technology that keeps you smelling fresh all day long. These classic adidas polo tees of solid plain colours, provide a blank canvas for teams, clubs and players to embellish logos of their choice in embroidery or print on various positions of the polo tees. They are the must have staple pieces in every golfers’ wardrobe.

Consider a customised a piece of an adidas polo tee today, to make you look good and feel good at every drive ranges, golf courses, tournaments or golf events! We recommend embroidery of logos and names on adidas polo tees. If you require embroidery on golf bag covers or golf bag pockets, we provide such services too!

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