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What is Silkscreen Printing?

You may have heard of the phase “Silk Screen Printing”, but what does it means exactly? In the most simplest of terms, imagine this: you create a paper cut-out of a picture, for example, an outline of a cat. Then you put the cut-out of the cat onto a blank tee shirt and you pour paint over the cut-out, such that the paint will seep through the cut-out to the tee shirt, leaving behind an outline of the cat on your tee-shirt.

Silk screen printing Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing works something like the process of placing a cut-out and pouring paint over, except that it is a more refined process. Instead of using paper cut-out, we use a silk/ polyester mesh where parts of the mesh are blocked out using impenetrable ink. The finer the mesh, the more detailed the print. Silkscreen printing Singapore allows up to 5 colours, and the 5 colours will come together to form a complete picture with a range of colours.

What is the advantage of silk screen printing?

Silk screen printing is one of the oldest form of printing on clothes and it has been around since the Song Dynasty in China (960-1279AD). Since then, the process has been adapted and further improved by Japan, other Asian countries and USA. The main advantage of silk screen printing is low cost and speed. Once a silk mesh template is created, it is cost efficient to keep reusing the silk screen template for many pieces of tee-shirts as the only additional cost is ink as the raw material. The process of Silk Screen printing is also fast, resulting in lower labour cost. Hence, silk screen printing is the most preferred method for large quantities of print. Silk screen printing method accounts for about 50% of all tee shirts printed in the world.

If you would like to do make tees by the method of silkscreen printing Singapore, what is your next step? First, you should be producing a minimum of 40 pieces of Tee-Shirts with the same design in order to be cost effective. If you are simply producing a couple of pieces, it is more cost effective to do digital printing (like your laser printer at home), as no silk Mesh Template needs to be created.

Next, you would need to provide us with an EPS or AI drawing, meaning a trace of the picture that you want. If you do not have a working file (EPS or AI drawing), our designers can help you to create a trace drawing of the design that you want. Our designers will also be able to advice you on the whether the drawing will come out nicely on print.

Silkscreen printing Singapore

At Ark Industries, we pride ourselves on quality that you will be pleased with, and a process that is hassle free and assuring. Besides silkscreen printing Singapore, we also do other kinds of printing like heat transfer printing, vinyl printing, reflective printing etc. Regardless of whether you are starting your own tee-shirt brand, creating a class tee-shirt or doing a one-off unique design for yourself, we will be able to advice on the best method and the pros and cons of each printing method. You can even choose to create a unique design, using a combination of methods, for example, silk screen printing with reflective on the sleeves to create a differentiated look from your peers/ competitors.

Do contact us at +65 63520988 or send us a message below to find out more about our t-shirt printing services.


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