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Under Armour Sportsmask For Sports Teams in Singapore

In the current COVID-19 times, we all know that wearing a face mask is of utmost importance. It protects ourselves and others while we are going about our daily activities. That includes going to the gym or engaging in group sports activities such as badminton and basketball.  Sports brands such as adidas, Puma, Asics, New Balance and Under Armour have also jumped on the bandwagon. They are producing their own versions of reusable face masks such as the Under Armour Sportsmask.

Face masks are now a daily norm and impossible to ignore. People have started to be creative with the aesthetic designs of face masks. This has led to many clubs and teams adopting customised face masks as part of a team outfits or uniforms. For example, Formula 1 teams wear customised face masks with prominently displayed team colours and logos.

There is a wide variety of basic cotton and polyester resuable face mask suppliers in Singapore. These basic face masks are not designed to be worn during group exercise or sporting activities. For sports teams, we recommend choosing branded reusable face masks. Specifically, those made by reputable and trusted international sports brands such as adidas, Puma, Asics and Under Armour.

It is not a mandatory law that we need to wear a face mask during strenuous sports activities. However, whenever possible, we should wear a mask to protect ourselves and our friends or family. Here are some reusable fabric masks by well-known sports brands which we can consider purchasing:

1) adidas Face Cover

The 2-ply, sleek adidas Face Covers are made of 93% Recycled Polyester / 7% Elastane, lightweight, soft and breathable fabric. There is a pocket for an optional filter, if you would like an extra layer of protection. It might delight you that the adidas Face Covers are made of “Primegreen” material. It is a type of fabric made of “no-new or non-newly created plastic”.

Many have given a positive review of the snug fit the adidas Face Covers provide. Due to the elastic property of the fabric, the adidas Face Cover fabric stretches and fits the contours of the wearer’s face well. However when worn for a prolonged time, how would the non-adjustable ear loops fare?

2) Puma Face Masks

Puma offers 2 types of face masks. One is a 5-ply full cotton face mask and the other is a 3-ply polyester face mask.

For the Puma Full Cotton Face Mask, the ear loops are fixed.The outer layer is made of combed cotton fabric that is water repellent. The middle layers are made of non-woven fabric and the inner layer is a soft combed cotton.

For the Polyester Face Mask, it features adjustable ear loops and a nose bridge strip. Outer shell is water-resistant, middle layer is antibacterial and the inner lining is of a cotton material that is anti-microbial and moisture wicking. Some reviews of the Puma Polyester Face Mask include positive comments about the comfortable and cooling inner lining.

puma face masks

3) Asics Runners Face Cover

(As of the time of writing this article, the Asics Runners Face Cover is not available for purchase yet.) From reviews and articles from Asics and other well-known publishers such as Forbes, the Asics Runners Face Mask features an air vent at the bottom which provides more breathability than most face masks.

Another notable feature, is the adjustable bungee cord neckband of the Asics Runners Face Cover that keeps the mask in place while the wearer is on the move.

We’re not sure if the excess tail end of the neckband feels comfortable when the wearer is exercising. While the exact fabric material is still unreleased, reviews have it that the fabric is water-repellent and anti-bacterial. We look forward to the reviews of the Asics Runners Face Mask!

asics runners face cover face mask

4) New Balance Face Mask

New Balanced repurposed shoe materials and use them to make reusable face masks with shoe cords as ear loops. New Balance has improved on their 1st design and created the 3-layer “NB Face Mask v3” (no filter pocket) with spandex ear loops. The outer layer is a polyester suede and the inner layer is of a nylon tricot material, with polyurethane foam sitting between them.

Comments from the masses are that the New Balance Face Masks look aesthetically cool and sort of “industrial”.

5) Under Armour Sportsmask

The 3-layer Under Armour Sportsmask features the Under Armour Iso-Chill fabric technology, which is claimed to disperse heat super effectively, which helps the wearer feel comfortable and cool in warm weather conditions.

Most face masks that provide a snug fit and a good seal, will make the wearer feel moisture and heat buildup. With the Iso-chill fabric technology, Under Armour has tackled this issue very well – even with a light foam as 1 of the layers of the Sportsmask.

The Under Armour Sportsmask’s ear loops are made of stretchy fabric, which is soft on the ears. However, do ensure you buy a correct size of the Sportsmask to avoid discomfort around the back of your ears. Choosing the most suitable mask size prevents overstretching the ear loops which will cause pain at the back of your ears.

The light foam of the Under Armour Sportsmask creates a structured shape that gives the wearer a lot of breathing space. The space between the wearer’s mouth and the mask allows a better airflow than most masks.

The light foam holds up the structure of the mask well. This prevents the wearer’s nose from being blocked by fabric when taking deeper breaths.

under armour sportsmask ua mask

Our Top Pick!

We would like to recommend the Under Armour Sportsmask, especially to sports enthusiasts and sports teams in Singapore. The Iso-chill technology helps wearers battle the hot weather in Singapore, especially when engaging in team sports or any sporting activity.

Another big positive point about the Under Armour Sportsmask is the amount of breathing space the mask provides!

The UA Sportsmask is very breathable however, do note that the breathability during more strenuous exercises and runs is definitely much less.

At any time you feel it is too difficult to breathe while wearing the Under Armour Sportsmask during exercise sessions, please remove it and only wear it after you have cooled down at the end of the exercise.

Customise your Under Armour Sportmask

At Ark Industries, we are a corporate distributor of Under Armour apparel and we have the Under Armour Sportsmask in stock. We believe in the design and technology of the Under Armour brand.

If you are looking to make customised face masks for your team, friends or family, we recommend the Under Armour Sportsmask.

Choose to print your team logo, a special text, a significant icon or a simple name on the UA Sportsmask. Please contact us for quotes and more details about customisation of the Under Armour Sportsmask. Call us at 63520688 or email us at


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