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Under Armour Apparels as Promotional Gifts

Ark Industries is the official corporate distributor of Under Armour Apparel in Singapore. Customers can choose from a variety of Under Armour t shirts, polo tees, sack packs, backpacks, duffel bags, water bottles, towels and caps to embroider or print their logos on to give away as promotional gifts.

The saying, “out of sight, out of mind”, cannot be more true about the impact of promotional gifts. Imagine looking at that mug which you use in your office every day that has a particular company’s logo printed on it, chances are that the company’s logo will be embedded in your memory. This particular company would have succeeded in using your desk as an advertising space!

One way to use Under Armour apparel as promotional gifts is to embroider your logo on Under Armour’s Ozsee Sackpack. The Under Armour Ozsee Sackpack is a perfect gift to giveaway as part of a marathon’s goodie bag set, a freebie for customers who sign up for gym memberships and for lucky draw gifts!

The perceived value of Under Armour apparel is high as it is an international brand known for its high quality products. It’s association with the “never give up” mentality is also very positive in encouraging athletes and people in general, to persevere and work towards their goals. People who receive the customised Under Armour apparel promotional gift will tend to regard it as a high value item and will be more likely to treasure it.

Promotional gifts may not only be given out to customers. Consider customising Under Armour apparel such as polo tees and t shirts to reward employees for their contributions to the workplace. Giving out co-branded Under Armour apparel products to employees is a way to boost morale at the workplace.

In the recent years, there has been a trend of people wearing t shirts with the “IKEA” and “DHL” logos on the front! They unknowingly became walking advertisements for IKEA and DHL. Practical promotional gifts can easily become great advertising for your organisation! 

Pairing a custom Under Armour polo tee, Under Armour running tee or an Under Armour cap as a freebie with a retail product or service also works as promotional gifts. It provides an added incentive to the customer as the brand elevates the value of product or service they have paid for.

We believe in working with our customers to enhance their marketing plans. We look forward to creating high value promotional gifts for our customers in Singapore.

Here are some ways you can customise Under Armour apparel as promotional gifts:

  1. Embroidering your logo or slogan on the front of Under Armour Polo Tees
  2. Printing your logo and slogan on the back of Under Armour running tees
  3. Embroidering your logo on the front of Under Armour caps in 2D or 3D style
  4. Embroidering your logo on the end of an Under Armour towel
  5. Printing your logo on an Under Armour Water Bottle
  6. Embroidering on the top cover of an Under Armour Duffle Bag

Bring up your promotional gifts game! Consider Under Armour apparels for your next promotional gifts for corporate events such as charity sports events or for your next marketing campaigns. Ark Industries is committed to working with our customers to meet their goals. We are a full service vendor who can provide you with your both your apparel and embellishment needs. Contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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