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UA Sportsmask: What You Should Know About It & PROTX2

The much sought after Under Armour Sportsmask is created after 13 prototypes. Available in Singapore, the UA Sportsmask is the first of it’s kind and looks ultra-cool sporty. Besides the more obvious features (such as the stretchy ear loops and bulkier-than-usual structure), we think that you should know about the PROTX2™ technology that comes with it.

What is PROTX2™?

PROTX2™ is found on the 3rd layer of the UA Sportsmask. It is pronounced as “pro-tex”. Some of us have heard of Under Armour’s ISO-CHILL technology, but most of us have probably not heard of PROTX2™. The 3rd layer of the UA Mask is not only designed to make the wearer’s skin feel cool against it. PROTX2™ is a substance that is added to the 3rd layer of the UA Face Mask. The PROTX2™ is a superior anti-microbial technology that makes it difficult for bacteria to grow on the mask.

Did UA invent PROTX2™?

Under Armour did not invent PROTX2™. PROTX2™ is an innovation of iFabric Corp’s Intelligent Fabric Technologies (North America) Inc. division (IFTNA). IFTNA is a Canadian Biotech company, who is a developer of textile solutions such as moisture-wicking and fabrics that protect us from UV rays. PROTX2™ on your clothing and UA Sportsmask could protect you from Covid-19 effectively! IFTNA has been innovating and producing anti-bacterial chemical treatments for textiles for at least 12 years. It has served many private and public sectors such as the military, hospitality and corporate industries. IFTNA developed an anti-viral chemical treatment in 2012. Imagine if that anti-viral chemical treatment was widely used internationally pre-Covid19 times!

How exactly does PROTX2™ work?

PROTX2™ can destroy 99.9% of Covid-19 in just 10 minutes. It can continue to kill the virus for up to 24 hours! PROTX2™ penetrates into the outermost shell of the virus and stops the virus from replicating itself.

How was PROTX2™ tested and proven?

PROTX2™ was tested in a credible laboratory in Asia. It was the 1st anti-microbial textile chemical proven to deactivate the SARS-Cov-2 virus. Tests were conducted by the American Association of Textile Chemist with strict standards.

How long does UA Sportsmask and PROTX2™ last?

Under Armour recommends that users hand wash the Sportsmask and then laying it flat to dry. The PROTX2™ should last till approximately 30-35 washes, before it wears off. With proper wash care, the UA Sportsmask itself should last beyond 35 washes.

2nd layer: What is open-cell foam of the UA Sportsmask?

The UA Sportsmask’s 2nd layer is made of an open cell foam material. Under Armour states that it is breathable, yet at the same time, moisture and perspiration cannot pass through it easily. This 2nd layer also contributes greatly to the overall shape of the UA Mask, which provides a good amount of air volume between the mask and wearer’s mouth.

The exact density of the open-cell foam used to make the UA Face mask is definitely a trade secret. There are many grades of open-cell foam. Different open-cell foams have varying levels of firmness or densities. The open-cell foam used in the UA Sportsmask is a polyurethane foam. Typically, polyurethane open cell foam is known to be lightweight, soft and flexible. Depending on how dense the open cell foam is, the efficacy of blocking out droplets varies.

Where can I buy an UA Sportsmask in Singapore?

There are a few main official stockists of the UA Sportsmask in Singapore. You can definitely buy it directly from Under Armour South East Asia’s retail stores and online store in Singapore. You can also buy it from us! We are an authorised corporate distributor of Under Armour apparel in Singapore. Corporates, departments, teams, clubs and schools can buy bulk quantities of the UA Sportsmask from us. Rest assured that we only sell authentic branded products. 

Can I customise an Under Armour Sportsmask?

As with all other UA apparel we offer to our clients, you can print your logo or a name/text on the UA Sportsmask. In Covid-19 times, this piece of apparel is a must and should be factored in as part of teamwear. We recommend printing on the lower right cheek of the Under Armour Sportsmask. It mirrors the position of the UA logo on the left cheek. Choose to add a full colour or 1 colour print. You will get to enjoy a bulk order discount here at Ark Industries. Please feel free to message us via Whatsapp below to find out more.

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