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Types of cotton t shirts for t shirt printing in Singapore

If you’re looking for custom tshirt printing companies in Singapore but you need cotton tees for specific reasons, then we’ve got you covered. We recommend keeping polyester tees as an option and you can consider ordering our range of branded premiums such as an Adidas polo tee or an Under Armour Running tee which are great for the heat of tropical weather!

However, if you really are on the hunt for custom tshirt printing companies in Singapore that provides cotton tees, it is important to see what kind of cotton tees they provide. What we’ll share with you are the common types and feature of cotton tees that you will find in Singapore.

  • Carded Open End or Combed & Ring-Spun 

    There’s a good reason why people choose cotton over other type of materials for t-shirts and that’s because of the sheer comfort that it provides. But all cotton tees are not created equal. You will find some tees meets your cotton tee expectations but for some, you will find that it has a horrible quality. The reason could be is it’s not 100% cotton or it’s not combed.

    So what is carded open end and combed & ring-spun. Carded open end is the most basic fiber that is used for knitting cotton tees while combed & ring-spun is an additional process or stage where it spins the fiber to remove shorter strands and impurities producing a much more softer, smoother and finer fabrics.

    Some manufacturers skip the process of combed ring-spun as it is expensive and time-consuming.

  • 100% Cotton and Blends 

  • If you are looking for cotton t-shirts, you need to watch out for the material composition. Because a blend can technically be a cotton tee even if it’s just certain percentage. Most people want the 100% cotton and there definitely is a distinction compared to blends.

    The distinction varies on the amount of cotton on the blends. There are 50% cotton / 50% polyester blends and there are triblends that could be 50% cotton / 25% polyester / 25% rayon or 50% polyester / 25% cotton / 25% rayon.

  • Roundneck vs. V-necks 

  • Round necks or also commonly known as crew necks are the most used type of T-shirt collar because of it’s classic and effortless style. How about V-necks? Well, here in Singapore and definitely on a lot of countries in the world, only a small percentage of people wear V-necks. It has it’s loyal followers and passionate haters that avoids it all cost but who knows in the next few years it might be the next big thing.

  • Tubular tees 

    Not a very common T-shirt terminology that you often hear so what are these? T-shirts will commonly have side seams but tubular tees will be seamless on the sides so it’s good for tee shirt printing that will require you to print one the side waists.

    But poorly made tubular tees ends up having creases at the front and back that’s why some factories go the extra mile and do the process of quarter-turning to rectify the crease issue. Just like the Gildan 76000 which is a perfect example of a 100% ring-spun cotton quarter-turned tubular tee.

If you would like to know more about tee shirt printing on customised tee shirt in general, do call us now at +65 6352 0988 or email us at info@ark.sg to make an appointment.

We not only print on cotton tees but also do different kinds of embellishments on branded premiums such as Adidas Polo Tee, Under Armour Running Tee and Yupoong Flexfit Caps. 


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