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Top 5 best Under Armour Polos for Golfers in Singapore

In this article, we will recommend what we deem as the Top 5 best Under Armour polos for Golfers in Singapore.

Under Armour polo tee design is always classy, smart and sporty. The same can be said for all other Under Armour apparel, such as the Under Armour Running Tee, Tech Short Sleeve Tee. Here at Ark Industries, you can get a customised Under Armour Polo tee in Singapore. Choose to embroider or print on the chosen Under Armour top and get ready to wear the tees with pride and confidence.

Our Top 5 recommendations:

  1. Under Armour Performance Corp Polo
  2. Under Armour New Tech Polo
  3. Under Armour Corp Tech Polo
  4. Under Armour Playoff Polo 2.0
  5. Under Armour Vanish Blocked Polo

1. Under Armour Performance Corp Polo

First up is the Under Armour Performance Corp Polo. This range comes in both Men and Women’s cuttings, thus they make the perfect team or department polo for co-workers and colleagues. It’s simple, classic solid colours range make a perfect canvas for you to embellish with logos, text and artwork.

Featuring the HeatGear fabric technology, the Under Armour Performance Corp Polo performs well in hot and humid conditions, which are conditions under which golfers in Singapore play their games in. With a need to focus on every hit, golfers do not appreciate distractions such as noise or even the discomfort from what they are wearing. Good gear empowers athletes. The HeatGear fabric technology keeps the golfer feeling cool and dry, without perspiration causing their tops to stick to his or her body.

Sporting a loose fit and a 4 directional stretch HeatGear fabric, the Under Armour Performance Corp Polo is an easy pick to be recommended to our customers.

2.Under Armour New Tech Polo

Secondly, we feature the Under Armour New Tech Polo. Another must-have for all golfers. Its textured fabric is light and comfortable to wear, even if you perspire during a game under the hot sun, this breathable fabric keeps your body from suffering under the heat.

The outer placket of the polo features a contrast trim that matches the Under Armour logo print on the left chest. This subtlety gives a perfect touch of design to a classic polo tee. This semi-formal look brings ultra-comfort and great style.

3. Under Armour Corp Tech Polo

Thirdly, we recommend the Under Armour Corp Tech Polo. The Under Armour logos are printed on the right chest and on the upper back. It features a shoulder to sleeve sewing detail, a constrast inner neck panel and inner placket.  It sports a loose fit and is great for full range of mobility at golf games for the wearer.

4. Under Armour Playoff Polo 2.0

This Under Armour Playoff Polo 2.0 is made of a stretchable fabric that allows you to move freely and easily in all directions. Great for all the swings and motion required of a golf game! It comes in various designs and prints on the front of the polo, such as stripes of different thickness and colours. We like the soft and lightweight fabric that is anti-pilling!

5. Under Armour Vanish Blocked Polo

This Under Armour Vanish Blocked Polo looks great and has a useful Microthread technology in the fabric, this means it does not cling to your body and does not cause chafing. The knit jacquard texture on the front not only looks great, but it brings more breathability to the whole polo. The contrast top and bottom panels of the polo, combined with the 2 buttons placket brings added style to your outfit on the golf course.

Under Armour aims to empower athletes and designs polo tees that are suitable to wear on the golf course and for golfers who are out to play better and better games. The Under Armour polos can be customised with embroidery on positions such as the left and right chest. Consider embroidering your company logo on an Under Armour polo for your next golf game with your potential customers!

To begin customising Under Armour polos like the Under Armour Performance Corp polos, call us at +65 6352 0988 to speak to one of our Sales Managers to find out more details.


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