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The Power of Retail Brands – Customised adidas & Under Armour Polo Tshirt

The sudden increase in the demand of branded corporate customised polo tshirts over the years has been progressively consistent. With the top brands such as adidas and Under Armour re-inventing new technology and surpassing everyone’s expectations, the future of performance apparels just keeps getting better and better. Bestsellers here at Ark Industries are the adidas and Under Armour polo tshirt.

Every year, here at Ark Industries, as an authorized distributor for Adidas and Under Armour in Singapore, we keep bringing out the latest corporate polo and round neck tee styles. Even if we’re not a retail store, we make sure that we bring out the newest corporate customised polo tshirts.

Speaking of retail, the stores of these retail brands continue to thrive even in these very tough times that online shopping is the new norm. Also, more and  more people are still opting for branded apparels and that’s thanks to the power of retail brands such as Adidas and Under Armour.

So now, let’s break down the advantages that branded customised polo tshirts have over generic and non-branded ones.

Confidence & Reliability

It is hard to argue the power that a branded product can bring to a person. The reason and meaning differ from person to person. When it comes to customized polo t shirts, It is also hard to deny that there’s a certain mindset a branded polo brings compared to a generic one. 

When you do custom polo t shirt printing, having a recognizable apparel brand anywhere on your apparel ensures that it will be worn with pride, taken care of and make it last longer even if it’s frequently used. Many of our customers wear their customised adidas and Under Armour polo tshirt (that has a company logo embroidered) on casual days out!

History & Belonging

There are so many brands out there these days that it’s hard to choose which one you should go for. It’s fun to try something new but with the risk of finding out that it could just be an overpriced piece of knitted garbage. You can also be safe and go for something that is tried and tested and one that has a rich history in terms of product. 

Though it’s not advisable to just blindly join the bandwagon, it’s always best to try out these customized polo t shirts and see it for yourself.

Value and Recognition

Here’s an experiment. What if you make your beloved colleague two customized polo t shirts that have  the same base colour and fitting. The only difference is one is a generic polo and the other one is an Adidas polo for example. Which one do you think he/she would prefer wearing oftenly or maybe on special occasions? Most likely it’ll be the branded one.

You could do the same for any kind of product that has a significant price difference and quality and the premium one always wins by a very high margin.

A chance of co-branding

When doing custom polo t shirt printing one of the main reasons is to put emphasis on your brand and for it to be clearly seen. So if you pair it up with a well-known apparel logo, the value multiplies not just for the wearer but also for the people seeing it.

So basically, it’s somewhat a positive feedback loop. You feel good with what you wear. You appear confident and your best self. People respond to you better. You feel good how people interact with you.

So if you are ready to order a set of customised adidas and Under Armour polo tshirt, just send us an email at info@ark.sg, send us a message via the form below or call us at +65 6352 0988. We are more than happy to help you out in any of your queries regarding corporate customisations or custom polo t shirt printing.


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