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T shirt Printing Costs Considerations in Singapore

Before you seek out quotes from various t shirt printing companies in Singapore, it would be beneficial for you to know about some factors that affect the cost of t shirting printing in Singapore. How can you optimise your budget and get t shirts printed at a good value?

Your Artwork’s Details

1. Do you have a Vector file of your artwork?

Say you want to get some t shirts printed but only have a vague idea of how to design the t-shirts, most t shirt printing companies in Singapore offer Design Services where you can discuss with the Designers of the t shirt printing company and come up with an artwork that is print ready!

“Print ready” refers to the most ideal file format that is great to use across all printing methods such as heat press printing or silkscreen printing. “Print ready” refers to the file being a “Vector” file, which means that the artwork can be scaled up or down without becoming pixelated.

With the “Vector file”, plotting machines will the a defined cutting path to produce the artwork in form that is ready to be transferred onto the t shirts or branded apparel such as adidas polo tee or Under Armour polo tees.

If you do not have a “Vector file” for your artwork, our in-house designers will be able to trace or recreate your artwork in a “Vector file” that is print ready. A design fee might be charged for it.

2. Colours

The number of colours in your artwork will affect the cost of the t shirt printing service. It is a big factor that determines the type of t shirt printing method used for your t shirt printing order, across all t-shirt printing companies in Singapore. For example, if your artwork consists of gradient colours and your t shirt order quantity is small, most likely the t shirt printing company in Singapore will recommend the method of Heat Press Printing (Digital Prints) for you. If your artwork consists of 3 solid colours and your t shirt quantity is about 30pcs, the recommendation of t shirt printing method will most likely be Silkscreen printing.

3. Size and Position of Prints

An A4 size artwork costs less than an A3 size artwork. Printing on standard positions such as the center chest, left/right chests and sleeves, center back of t shirts are common. Uncommon positions of prints on the t shirt might incur additional fees.

T shirts

4. Quantity

For best value for money, our Sales Managers will recommend minimum quantities for our customers to be eligible for higher discount rates.

5. Quality

Not all tees are created equal. There are the non-branded, lesser known tees and there are the branded tees such as those from adidas, Under Armour and Gildan. Higher quality refers to better moisture-wicking properties of the fabric and better sewing workmanship. Whether you have a lower or higher budget, we have a range of t shirts for you to choose from. Choose from a basic plain round neck t shirt, an Under Armour Polo Tee or an adidas climalite T shirt.

Urgency of the order

6. How quickly do you need your t shirts to be completed by?

The standard turnaround time from the time of order confirmation between customer and Sales Manager is typically 7-10 working days. Should customers require a rushed order, we will do our best to make arrangements in our Production Schedule to help customers receive their t shirts by their required dates. Rushed orders may incur additional fees.

The above are some general factors that affect the overall cost of our t shirt printing services at Ark Industries. However, for a detailed and accurate quote, it is best to contact us directly so that our Sales Managers can understand your t shirt printing needs better and provide the best recommendations for you. Send us a message below or call us at +6563520988 and get in touch with us!


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