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Singapore customised caps and 3 reasons why you should choose Yupoong caps

Customised caps in Singapore can be a great way to promote your brand. Be it for promotional merchandise or for staff uniforms, creating personalized caps offers a twofold opportunity. Firstly, it’s a memorable reminder of your business and one that’s super visible to boot. Secondly, the design is a chance to make a statement about your brand’s identity.

If your caps are part of a staff uniform for a workplace or event, then they can be a great extra addition to underscore awareness of your brand. To put it simply, caps are right in people’s eye levels, and people are likely to notice them. Plus, if it’s a promotional merchandise, it’s an opportunity to create widespread awareness of your brand.

There are two main types of embroidery. The first is 3D embroidery: as the name suggests, it’s a raised three dimensional style. It’s well suited to big and simple designs – especially round-shaped letters, with enough space between them. This could be a good choice if you want to make a big, brash statement with your design.

The other is flat embroidery, the most common type, which is stitched straight into the cap. This allows you greater freedom in the kind of design you can use, and could be the best choice if you’re after a style that’s more understated. There are plenty of options out there in terms of cap style: from trucker caps to dad hats, each of them has its own benefits. Each type of cap projects a certain kind of identity, and so it’s worth considering who is your audience and what is the most relevant choice. 

Yupoong Flexfit
When choosing a customized caps company in Singapore, we highly recommend the Yupoong Cap. Why Yupoong? Yupoong is a Korean company that has been on the market for more than 40 years. The Yupoong family has a strong passion for caps and invented the first and only Flexfit® cap. There are so many reasons why people prefer to wear Yupoong caps, and here are just 3 of them: 

[1] Innovative cap technology

Over the years, Yupoong has developed several innovative technologies that have improved the design of its caps. For example, Permacurv makes sure that the visor stays in shape no matter how many times it is adjusted. Sweatbands absorb moisture and prevent odour. Adjustable caps fit all head sizes and are comfortable to wear. Yupoong cap owners may not be aware of all the technology that is incorporated into their caps, but they appreciate that the caps fit well and keep their head cool and dry in varied weather conditions.

[2] Great style

Some people wear Yupoong caps simply because of their stylish looks. There is a wide range of colour and fabric choices and style details such as contrasting stitching and visor colours.  The distinctive feature of the Flexfit Trucker hat is the mesh back, which provides ventilation. There are several classic colour options: either single colour caps or caps with front panels in contrasting colours to the mesh. Visors can be the same colour or in a different shade. For the military look, choose a camouflage pattern trucker.

Fabric options include polyester and rich cotton. For a distinctive look, visors can have eight rows of stitches.

Whatever style of Trucker hat you wear, you will look stylish in all environments, from exploring the great outdoors to walking down city streets.

[3] Customizable 

Lastly, Yupoong caps can be customised by adding your own logo or slogan to make caps unique to you or your brand. The Flexfit Trucker cap is ideal for customising your brand identity. The great advantage of Trucker cap is that you do not need to know the head size of the people who will wear it, as one cap fits all heads.

Where to get good customised caps in Singapore?  

Here at Ark Industries as one of the leading customised caps company in Singapore, we believe that premium quality and design will bring more value to our customers. That is why we are the corporate distributor and stockist for well-known international brands like adidas, Under Armour, Puma, Footjoy and Titleist.

We offer high quality Yupoong Flexfit caps for our customers to print their logos or text on. There are many cap styles available for customization, such as a 5 panels trucker cap or the classic 6 panels snapback cap. With our printing and embroidery machines and craftsmanship, we are able to deliver high quality customised caps in Singapore at highly competitive rate. Call us today at +65 6352 0988 or email us at info@ark.sg!


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