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Silkscreen printing workwear for businesses in Singapore

On 1981 Coshocton, Ohio, Jasper Meek who owns his own printing business thought of a solution on how to make use of his printing presses during its downtime. The solution he came up with is what now we call printed promotional merchandise. His very first idea was a bag that was given away for free with a silkscreen printing that says “Buy Cantwell Shoes!” From one of their loyal business partners. It was a hit! Soon, more businesses worked with Jasper to increase their brand awareness. From bags, they also printed on fans, calendars, aprons and even on hats! 

Up until today, this traditional way of marketing is very relevant and continuously evolving. Not only on freebies or merchandise but also something that company employee represents: Workwear Apparels with embellishments such as customised tee shirt printing and polo tee printing.

Take for example the infamous Twitter Swag Bag. It’s how Twitter welcome their new employees on their first day. The swag bag contains different stuff like T-shirts, notebook, tumbler, stickers etc. Something that would be useful and will give the employees the special first day treatment. 

So why is it a good idea to use silk screen printing services for corporate uniforms?

Well since you’ll be printing a lot for your employees and teams, it’s much better to take advantage of the bulk benefits that you get from silkscreen printing. The employees can even have 2-3 workwear apparels with polo tee printing or customised tee shirt printing that they can keep using for a year or two that they will be exhibiting on the public transport or to the malls.  

But there is a feeling that your employees might not wear corporate apparels so how do you make workwear apparels with polo tee printing or customised tee shirt printing wearable? Through Strategic Design! So you just don’t slap your huge logo on the chest and and expect high visibility. Because if it’s not tastefully done then it would be a waste if most of the employees dread on wearing it. So it really is good to invest on something that they will be proud to wear. 

Specially for a round neck tee with silkscreen printing, where you can go crazy on the design without breaking the bank. You just need a good message, the logo doesn’t always have to be in-your-face and it must have a good color combination. On a side note, if you are interested on this strategic design, you can contact Ark Industries and have a discussion with our Sales and Design Development team so that we can advise on what kind of designs and silk screen printing services we can do for you. 

One more good reason for using silkscreen for round neck tees for businesses is because we all know that these tees will go through a rough weekly cycle and you really are putting them to work. So let’s look at one t-shirt that you are supposed to wear twice a week. There are 52 weeks in a year but let’s just take 45 weeks and multiply that in to two, and you have 90 washes a year. Silkscreen printing can definitely handle the wear and tear for a year or two. 

So, if you are looking for silk screen printing services in Singapore, there will definitely be a lot. But if you want to narrow down your search to the most reliable and responsive, then give Ark Industries a call at +65 6352 0988 or drop us an email at info@ark.sg


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