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Silkscreen printing services for marketing and merchandise t-shirts

Silkscreen printing is a popular printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a t-shirt except areas that are intentionally made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. A blade is moved across the screen back and forth to fill the open mesh area with ink. This causes the ink to wet the t-shirt and be pulled out of the mesh area as the screen returns back after the blade has passed. One colour is printed at a time, hence several screens are used to produce a multi-coloured design.  

As silkscreen printing is done in a way that allows the ink to bond with the fibres of the fabric, the print is durable and does not peel off easily.

Direct Silkscreen printing is suitable for big quantities where it is cheaper and faster to produce. For example, a silkscreen printing takes only 5 minutes to produce while digital printing takes up to 25 minutes. Indirect silkscreen combines elements of both direct silkscreen method and photographic film.

The Indirect Silkscreen printing technique, otherwise referred to as Silkscreen Transfer technique, produces high durable stencils that are used in applications where prints of high quality and finer details are required.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Silkscreen Printing

Like all printing techniques, silkscreen printing comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about the advantages of silk screen printing first.


1. Firstly, given a fixed setup cost, this method of printing enjoys economy of scale when printing in large quantities. Hence, the larger the quantity for printing, the lower the price of printing each t-shirt.

2. Secondly, this method of printing saves time. The silkscreen printing process on a t-shirt takes about 5 minutes to produce while digital printing takes up to 25 minutes.

3. Thirdly, silkscreen printing is durable and can last numerous washes.


Moving on to the disadvantages of silkscreen printing that you should know:

1. Firstly, given its fixed setup cost, this method of printing is expensive for small quantities. As the fixed cost is spread over lower quantities of t-shirts.

2. Secondly, silkscreen printing is not cost effective for different prints. As it requires different stencil for different prints. Hence, for each different design a new mould would have to be created for the printing process. This in turn would incur a hefty price tag. Vinyl printing would be more suitable for different designs print.

3. Thirdly, this method of printing is only meant for solid colours printing. For graduation effects, it would not be appropriate and would not turn out nice. Digital heat transfer would be a better alternative for this.

Raising awareness and getting your brand known are part of a brand equity building process. Companies with strong brand equity have their branding etched in the minds of consumers. Consumers place a value premium on the products and services provided by the company. What would be a better way to build brand equity than wearing the brand out to meet your prospects and clients, an important touchpoint to provide a personalised experience for each individual client.  

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