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Silk screen printing for your promotional apparel

Printed promotional products is a traditional way of getting your brand known. It’s been used for several decades now and you can definitely see a lot of silkscreen printing services in Singapore. But with the rise of the digital marketing platform and with different companies competing for the attention of their customers, from Facebook Ads to paid sponsored contents on Instagram and YouTube, the million dollar question is, “is silk screen printing on promotional apparels still relevant today?

According to the 2016 ASI Ad Impression study, 85 percent of the individuals surveyed remembered the name of the company that distributed a promotional item. Consumers were also found to be 2.5 times as likely to hold a positive impression of a company that handed out a promotional product compared to just showing a digital advertisement. 

Why is it? It’s because if your target audience receives something very useful, they are more likely to use and keep it. The more personal the impression, the better your customers remember your brand. So even though digital ads are very prominent these days, customers can easily ignore and forget these invasive ads. That means promotional items with silk screen printing are still relevant. It is something that has a long-lasting presence and a tangible attribute. 

Also, an often-overlooked reason for using silkscreened promotional products is the mobility of the promotional product that will give you the unexpected reach that you need. For a bystander to take notice of your brand on an apparel, it might leave a good impression and might result to a quick google search, an email subscription or an unexpected new business relationship. 

Now, silkscreened promotional products are great, but why not do the other methods instead? Well, actually having it in a different embellishments such as an embroidery or a puff print gives it a wow effect but the main and only reason why most people use silkscreen Is because it is very cost-effective, specially if you get more. 

Getting it cheap means you can make more of it. Making more of it means it reaching more people. More people wearing it leads to it being highly visible thus potentially creating a good return of investment. If it’s for a retail merchandise, it is also the same thing, but getting it in a low bulk price means the bigger profit margin! 

If you are on a tight budget, considering a 1-2 colours silk screen printing will get things done depending on the design. But you have to be careful on being too frugal on promotional merchandise. Sacrificing the quality will definitely fire back and ending up not being used, ignored or send a wrong impression as your brand is attached to it, it is a strong reflection of your brand’s choices and intentions.

Here at Ark Industries, as one of the silkscreen printing services in Singapore, we are trusted by major brands such as Adidas, Under Armour and Flexfit to do embellishments on their products be it caps, bags, polo or jackets. 

So if you are interested, please don’t hesitate to email us at, give us a call at +65 6352 0988 to book an appointment with one of our sales managers. 


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