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Review: Under Armour Sportsmask

under armour sportsmask face mask review singapore

It’s been several months now since we first got our hands on the Under Armour Sportsmask. We do think that it is one of the best masks that we’ve tried during this Covid-19 season.

In this article, we would like to share our extensive review of the Under Armour Sportsmask. We’ve tried wearing it while going about different kinds of activities. We’ve gone running, cycling, hiking and for our regular commutes.


Breathability of a face mask is a huge concern for most people. It can definitely make the wearer feel very uncomfortable if it gets hard to breathe. With the UA mask being primarily designed to be worn during sports, we think it’s really something! We’ve tested it with our 5-person group activities during the weekends and the UA Sportsmask did an awesome job. Comparing it to a surgical mask or any fabric mask, there really is a distinct and significant difference in terms of breathability.

A closer look at the profile of the mask from the side, there is a noticeable protrusion along the nose and mouth. This functional design detail is obviously to give us extra room to breathe. A type of design that is difficult to replicate by the regular surgical and fabric masks out there.

Not to mention that when doing any training, it actually reduces the risk of having Hypoxia!


The Under Armour Sportsmask Singapore comes in a lot of sizes. Sizing is an often neglected design detail for masks. That is very understandable since mask production volume did not meet the demand during the early stages of the pandemic.

But now that supply is under control, you can find a face mask that fits you perfectly. A good fit not only protects yourself from exchanging unwanted droplets, but also having the comfort that you thought you didn’t need until you’ve worn masks for a long period of time.

Case in point is like here in Singapore, where everyone is required to wear a mask in public and even inside the office. Having a comfortable mask that you can wear for half a day is a great idea.

The UA Mask comes with soft ear loops with the right amount of flexibility that do not hurt the back of your ears as opposed to the surgical mask string ear loops. Additionally with the adjustable nose bridge, it keeps the mask in place even if you perform big movements. You would not unintentionally move the mask in place as long as you got the right size of UA mask for yourself. But don’t fret as the UA mask has a very helpful size chart for that.

Use a flexible measuring tape to measure from the bridge of the nose, across the cheekbone, and then right past the ear canal. Find the closest measurement in Table A.

Everyone’s face is a little different, so check out the Mask dimensions (Table B) to make sure you know the height and width of the mask itself.


Judging from the looks of the Under Armour Mask, it seems like a heavy thing to hang on to your ears. But once you wear it, it’s counterintuitively light.

Technically, the Under Armour Mask is in the family of fabric masks. It’s just that most fabric masks use materials that seem too heavy for the sole purpose of better filtration, but it does sacrifice a little bit of breathability and weight. But for UA Sportsmask, they carefully tested and chose the best material and construction that would be optimal not just for training but also for regular use.

But it will definitely come to a point where it does get hot and sweaty! With the UA Sportsmask, it dries faster so it keeps it lightweight. But for the part about the heat, especially here in Singapore, this directly leads us to…


The technology that is applied not just to the UA Sportsmask but to other Under Armour apparels. The impressive thing about this material is that fabric is constructed with ribbon-shaped nylon fibers, that lay flat and disperses heat so it literally makes you feel cool. There’s also Titanium Dioxide in the thread that moves heat away from the body. 

It does sound technical, so we highly suggest that you try it for yourself. You can most definitely feel the difference between a disposable surgical face mask or a regular fabric mask and the Under Armour Sportsmask.


Since we’re talking about sports and activities here, what better way to show team spirit by having a unifying team logo to go with it! At Ark Industries, we are not only an authorised distributor of the Under Armour mask, but we are also authorised to print on the UA Sportsmask.

For the Under Armour mask, we recommend our clients to print their logo or text on the right cheek. If you’re interested to do so, don’t hesitate to contact us! Perfect not only for your sports team but also for corporate teams!


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