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Reasons why adidas Golf Polos are great for Golfers in Singapore

adidas Golf products are widely used around the world and one of their most high demand items are their polo tees. They are very popular as adidas soft polo shirts and adidas tee shirts are built for the wearer’s comfort. With the top players in golf such as Sergio Garcia, Danielle Kang and Dustin Johnson using adidas Golf Polo tees and products not only during tournaments but also in trainings, you are guaranteed to harness your full focus for your game performance. 

We present to you 3 good reasons why adidas Golf polos are great for golfers in Singapore:

1. adidas Polos are trusted and tested in terms of performance

Not just in golf but across all sports, adidas is a popular choice amongst players and athletes. In sports stadiums, at tournaments or even casually on the street, you will see people rocking an adidas tee shirt or an Adidas running tee

With the adidas Climalite technology, golf players in Singapore or in any tropical countries can move and perform better with the lightweight fabric, precise construction & quick-drying properties of these adidas golf polos designed for their needs in mind. 

You can check out our adidas page by clicking here to see our range of adidas corporate polos. 

2. Not only is it good for golf but it is also perfect casual daily item

What’s good about adidas golf polos is that it’s not like any sports apparel or attire that makes it odd to wear in certain environments. For example, wearing an adidas running tee or a basketball jersey outside of the court, to an unexpected dinner meeting for a discussion with your colleagues or customers. Yes, you can definitely wear that basketball jersey but how you wish you’d be wearing something else even a little more formal. So, depending on what the occasion and setting is, that tee or jersey make you look out of place.

But for adidas Golf Polos, they are very versatile. From a morning golf session to a business lunch meeting, a weekly office attire or even a corporate event attire, it gives you this semi-casual but a presentable, professional look. 


3. Adidas caters to corporate bulk orders in Singapore

Unlike many other brands, adidas is made accessible to Singapore for corporate orders. Not all brands allow this kind of service and their products are only available in retail instead. As a trusted corporate distributor, Ark Industries not only handles corporate orders for adidas but also embellishes these products with embroidery or printing. This is perfect for companies, organisations or event organisers that want to put their mark on a quality polos that are of high quality, whether it’s a huge golf tournament or a polo for a small club, Ark Industries is here to help. 

So those are some good reasons why adidas Polos are really suitable for Singapore golf players. 

For more than 10 years, Ark Industries has been working with adidas Singapore and is trusted to embellish and distribute different ranges of adidas polo tees, adidas running tee and other adidas items such as bags and caps, through the years. Precise, punctual and top-notch service is what keeps Ark Industries on top of its game. 

For any golf apparel matters, Ark Industries has a lot to offer from embroidery on golf bags, duffle bags and pouches to printing tees and golf balls. If you’d like to know more about how Ark Industries can help you. drop us an email at  info@ark.sg or give us a call now at +65 6352 0988 and let’s discuss how can we help you.


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