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Price List for Under Armour Polo Tee Printing

Where can you purchase the cheapest Under Armour Polo with a custom logo print in Singapore? You’ve arrived at the right place.

Let us first look at your needs:

  • Are you looking for a piece of Under Armour apparel and want to customise it with your name?
  • Or are you looking for a custom attire for your team/company?

Single Piece Customisation

If you are looking for a single piece, and you are not too concerned about price, there are two easy ways to get this done.

  1. First, you can visit any Under Armour Retail Store or Under Armour Online store and purchase an Under Armour Polo of your choice.
  2. Next, you can bring your Polo tee to us or any other reputable printer/embroidery company to get your logo printed on it.

The total cost will be the retail price of the Under Armour Apparel + printing costs (depending on type of print, complexity of print, size of print, whether design is needed etc.) A name print typically starts from $5.

Image credit: www.underarmour.com

Bulk Order Customisation 

Another way will be to purchase from us directly. As an Under Armour corporate distributor, we usually sell in bulk quantities of 15 and above directly to teams and corporates, but we do sell 1 piece upon request.

What you will get for 1 piece and above will be a bundle pricing of apparel (inclusive of prints), which is usually cheaper than buying an apparel separately and getting it customised.

If you are looking for a single piece, and you would like to spend very minimally, you can either look for Under Armour items on discount online (UA Singapore) or visit the outlet stores, such as those in Malaysia, to get a piece of Under Amour and get it printed/embroidered.

Otherwise, you can also look for our sister company (Quirky Designs) on platforms like Qoo10, Lazada and Shopee, where we have certain Under Armour styles on odd sizes clearance, where you might be able to find some good deals.

Corporate Discount for Corporate Orders

If you are a corporate/ team looking for Under Armour Apparel with customization, the best way is to contact us at Ark Industries.

Unlike Under Armour retailers which has limited stocks, as an Under Armour corporate distributor, we hold large amounts of stock catering to corporates. We also provide customization, such as embroidery or printing, depending on your needs.

The price of getting Under Armour products in bulk with customization is lower if you order through us.

Price Range

What is the ballpark figure that you are looking at for Under Armour Polo Tee? The Under Amour Polo Tee usually comes in a few range, from Tech Polo to Performance Polo to Golf Polos. The price ranges from S$79 to S$109 (As per Under Armour Singapore website, April 2018).

Depending on the quantity and complexity of customization, a safe ball park figure will be $70 to $85.

As one of the chosen Under Armour Corporate Distributors in Singapore, Ark Industries prides itself on its high quality print and embroidery. As a customer, if you have already invested in a quality Polo-Tee or training tee, it is important to find the right customization partner to work with to ensure that the final results are what you expect.

View our range of Under Armour products here.

Do contact us at +65 63520988 or send us a message below to find out more about our Under Armour products.


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